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Phoostream is a great feature. Transferring photos have never been so easy. However, I do have a qualm regarding the service and that is that it does not sync videos! Therefore, I still have to go back to the arduous processes of plugging it into my computer and selecting the videos to be transferred to my computer. However, it wasn't as easy as I had expected. Windows import feature imports both photo and videos and I can ONLY import new media. Old media is not imported so that means that videos that I synced that may have been deleted are not imported through windows explorer.l, and I cannot get it to transfer anymore. I tried copy and pasting multiple videos from the windows explorer but it prompted me the error code 0x80030001 and it cannot be transferred. I have to transfer them individually. Anyone has a reliable and easy way to get my videos to transfer from iPhone to PC?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    I had this problem too when I tried to search for all files (*.*) in the DCIM folder of the IPad and copy them to windows. However, it seems to work OK when I select the folders within DCIM and copy and paste the multiple folders from the ipad to windows. (I.e. the folders within Computer\Apple iPad\Internal Storage\DCIM)

    Hope this works for you too.

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    Maybe it's not the solution but it's a good turnaround. Thanks, it helped (sorry I don't know how to give you points...)

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    Having this issue too. Lightroom 4 couldn't import .PNG files, tried in Explorer....and got the error message - "0x80030001"


    Did anyone else notice this only occurring with the .PNG image files? Everything else would transfer okay?

    And more specifically, only the 'Screen Shots' that you took by pressing the Home Button & Power Button on your phone....?


    Just a theory here...but I know that when working with hard drives and USB memory, only FAT32 format reads & writes in both Windows & Mac OS.


    I'm hypothesizing the 'Format' of the memory in the iPhone is one that Windows doesn't support natively.


    There are programs available to allow Windows to read from Mac formatted file systems. (Don't know them off hand. Never needed them before.) I may give it a try though.


    *** If anyone else tests this theory (or already has) please let us know?



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    Seems to be a problem with the Windows search results. I kept getting the same error until I manually went to the folder on the iPhone using Windows Explorer. Then I could move or copy all of the mov files.

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    This solved my problem. If I searched for .mov files on my phone it came up with the error. But if I brough up each folder, sorted by type then copied them across it was fine.


    Definately a problem with windows search results!

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    yeah! sure windows problem... neither the location nor the folder path is given in default industry standards... by APPLE DEVICE


    But if I need my latest taken picture from an apple phone... one can see over more than 30 directories random named like 845OJOX or 900DZDMI ???

    In those random named directories lies apples 'closed coding' following faulthy tagging and resulting in different and random again batches of photos taken.

    If I do a search in windows I can find all the pictures on this apple phone and even better i'm in control to sort the way i like!

    Unfortunately the apple 'faulthy tagging method' makes it impossible to communicate with any other divice about accessing...

    This is a simple poor show of apple's limited object oriented filing...


    The same i had from pictures taken of a holliday where i did change my phone to local time and my wife's phone not and the seperate camera had also home settings... when i imported those all together after holliday via a program called i-tunes I had to buy 3 different apps and store all these holliday pictures(8gig) seperate (problem since 16gig should be available on apples device; i had only 9gig freed by eliminating all apps possible... and needed 24gig total for apps photo database) in all the overpriced purchased apps, to finaly show those pictures time synchronized to the holliday !

    How hard it can be to sort files as the user needs????

    DRAMATIC POOR APPLE PERFORMANCE (i thought apple was so good with pictures and so..)

    On my pc I also did import the holliday pictures from these three devices and sorted those within minutes(!!!) right to holliday time sync...


    Anyway i found also a time consuming way to copy latest taken pictures in random apple maps

    (i wish to select a specific time batch and drag these to new map on pc (no apple pc))

    look in all the random named apple device maps and check if there is a picture belonging to the batch you need and drag these to the new map...


    Something what could take from any other phone some milisecs... takes with apple devices 2 days time !!!!


    Best way for taking photo's you need later on other devices than apple... take the photo's on a non apple device and save extra holliday time!

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    Thanks, Buckyg66.  Windows explorer search fails again!

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    Thank you, you saved my day! When wanting to transfer my iphone photos I found the Apple had randomly stored my 5500 photos in bl--dy 500+ folders. Som folders only had a few photos in them, some had a lot. All photos were mixed date-wise so I could not find and transfer the past 6 months to my hard drive. With your work-around solution I could! Thank you thank you thank you!