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Some people on the internet say the remote is automatically usuable but when i tryed to use my remote with powerpoint it does not respond.


I am using powerpoint 2011 mac and the aluminium remote

Apple Remote
Reply by Allan Jones on Feb 9, 2012 3:42 PM Helpful

Don't know about the Al remote and Office 2011, but I have the white plastic Apple remote that came with my late 2007 MacBook Pro. If I point it at my iMac i7 with Office 2008, the left/right buttons on the remote act as forward/back buttons in PowerPoint. The center "select" control seems to act as a mouse-click.


Has the remote been "paired" to your computer? If you look at the instructions taht came with it, there is a simple procedure hhtat dedicates it to one Mac, insteda of activating every IR-equipped Mac in range (like mine does).

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