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Have a new Apple TV (Christmas 2011), tested download speed of 5.6 mbs.  I browsed for a movie (Alien) entered my iTunes credentials and confirmed my cc info. amd it appeared to have been accepted.   Then nothing happened.  I'm not sure if there should be some indication it is downloading or not.  Also, once it is downloaded, will it be visible from the main Apple TV screen?  This is my first foray into movie rental, so I appreciate any advice you can give me.  BTW, internet connectivity is OK.  I am composing this on the same internet connection I have the ATV connected to. 

Dell, Windows XP
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    Once rented the movie will appear on the left of the top shelf when the movie menu is selected. it will begin by showing you how much has downloaded and continue to update this until it is fully downloaded at which point it will then tell you, you have 30 days to watch it.


    Additionally at the point at which it calculates you can begin to watch the movie and it will complete downloading before you reach the end of the movie, it will tell you. It will tell you this regardless of which screen you are on.

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    Winston, thanks for the info.  As a follow up, I attempted to rent the movie a 2nd time on the device, and it said I had already rented it. I assume that is an indication the rental went through OK.  Also, It was the HD version, so maybe the download just takes a while.  Still no indication on the ATV home screen. I'll be patient..my 13 year old daughter has never seen the original Alien  and I'm hoping to scare her.

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    If you turn the Apple TV off or watch something else, the rental will be deleted from the drive on the Apple TV, it should still remain on the top shelf though.


    Try going to settings > general > iTunes store > check for rentals.


    If that doesn't help, try restarting.


    If your download speed is correct, you should be able to start to watch your rental within a few minutes, if not almost immediately.

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    Winston thanks for your help.  The rental must have choked somehow the first time around.  I downloaded it a second time and it showed up on top on the left side immediately. I'll just bug Apple support about a refund for the failed download.  My experience has been that they are pretty good about that. 

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    Sometimes a bit slow, but yes they are usually quite fair.