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Hey guys,


I went through this forum several times, but I was not able to find any current and sucessfull solutions. I have iphone 4 (jailbreaked), ipad 1 (non-jailbreaked), both on iOS 5.0.1. and I am not able to sync these devices with iTunes on my iMac. I am running the last version of iTunes as well as the last version of MacOS Lion. I have also tried to reinstal combo update for Lion as well as to reinstal iTunes. No success.


I have also tried to reset all settings on my iDevices, no success.


iPhone was restored few days ago, and the sync worked, but it does not work again.


It seems to me that there must be wrong something with iTunes, not iDevices.


I also use iTunes match and I have experienced problem with many playlists. (do not know whether it is relevant to this issue) I used script to remove them, however they (playlists) are sometimes back, and I have to run the script again.


This is the script, I am using.

with timeout of (45 * 60) seconds

          tell application "iTunes"

                    delete (every playlist whose name is "NAME OF PLAYLIST")

          end tell

end timeout


Thanks for all advices in advance


Mac OS X (10.7.3)