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I have it under a lamp right now and will place it in a bowl of rice in a couple of hours... Does anybody think it will work!?!? Or fixable in an apple store? I think I should also say that the sensor for nike+ was also plugged while it was in the washer...

iPod nano
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    my went throough the washer machince and i did not use rice at all. my brother is using it right now.........but the screen is a little hard to see.  you should plug it back into the computer after yu take it out of the rice.

    write back if yu need more help. i have gone through the same thing yu have


    P.S. yu cant return it

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    Thank you so much for the help... I placed it under a lamp for a few hours and dry rice for a few days... yesterday I plugged it in and it works great!!! The only thing is that I have to reset time and date and a few other things that are really not so important... which is awesome!!! I got my baby back!

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    Mine has just been through the wash for the second time. D: I should be more careful with it. I've put it in direct sunlight, and I'll put it in a bowl of rice tomorrow morning and leave it for a few days. These things are indestructible! Beat that, iPhone!