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I'm trying my first iMovie clip and it's a theme based on some short movie clips and photos. Everything is fine apart from one video clip. I had to 'cut' it as the clip only filled about half the screen (I've now cut it and zoomed in to fill the screen). But I also want the volume on it muted. I've muted the sound on all the other clips but for some reason this one clip won't play ball. Even though its showing that I've reduced the audio to 0 it still plays the audio in preview (and not the audio on other videos). I've tried to detach the clip's audio and that hasn't made a difference. I'm assuming now this might be a bug?

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    Oh, and I've tried removing the clip and adding it from scratch again. Same issue.

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    Are you using the ducking feature? The ducking feature mutes all other clips except this one. If you want to mute the current clip, you click mute or move the volume slider.


    See this Tutorial http://www.apple.com/findouthow/movies/imovie08.html#audioclips

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    I had a song playing through the whole movie and was dropping the audio to zero on the movie clips. For some reason it worked with every clip other than this one.


    I've managed to solve the problem, but not quite sure how. I exported the movie from Aperture to become a referenced master file, which I then dragged to my desktop. I then dragged that file back into iMovie and for some reason it then worked - despite having removed the video and dropping it in afresh before.


    No idea what caused it, but it seems to be working now.