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When my Mac goes into sleep mode I lose my WiFi connection and have to choose my Wifi  again. Have talked with Support and to date nothing fixes the problem. We are operating with Lion. We also have an IPad 2 and that continues to work flawlessly

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Lion WiFi Connection Problem


    There are a lot of recommendations ranging from logical to superstitious, but we may have to wait until Apple fixes it for good.

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    Just a guess but I ran into this type of problem a few days ago.


    I installed a second SSD in my early 2011 MBPro. I had to disconnect my battery to do the operation. Once I was finished and turned on the MBPro, I got the expected your clock is not corrrect message. Also I got messages such as krb5kde  and nmbd want access through my firewall to allow access to my connection. At the time I did not understand what those two do...I did allow access but then every time I put the MBPro to sleep I had to choose my wireless connection and enter the password.


    What fixed that problem was to delete the wireless network then re-add it. Problem solved.

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    Thanks to Smokerz.

    I solved the problem. Few days ago I reset my router to manufacturer's default and then made a setup with the same network name and security code  while the router was unlocked, then I changed my mind and changed the settings to a secure WPA or WPA2 with the same network name and password. This caused my mac to connect to Internet whoever every time I logged out it did not stay connected when I woke up or Logged in.

    To solve the problem.

    Go to Network preferences>advance and delete your network from the list and then reconnect again.

    All fixed. thanks to Smokerz

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    I have been dealing with this issue for over a year, it has been horribly annoying and I have searched these forums several times and tried several different "fixes" that worked for others with no such luck.  Then, tonight I searched google for wi-fi fixes and found this link, proving my theory that the search function on this forum is horrid!  I don't even care anymore, Smokerz and Daie1963,  you are my heroes!!!  Thanks so much, this totally worked the first time I tried it, but I have to add a step,  and it is important:


    After doing the delete and re-add, I had to restart my computer for the changes to work, and work it sure did!  I am so happy right now that this issue is finally over!


    Thanks again to you guys, you made my day, or month!

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    Like Smokersz, I deleted the wifi service in the network prefs and then created a new one.

    This fixed th eproblem.

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    Thanks for taking the time to share!  This worked for me.