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I see lots of questions about making bookmarks sync, with no answers.  I don't see a Bookmarks icon when I go to iCloud.com.  Is it possible this feature is simply disabled for some reason?

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10
    Mac OS X

    There is no bookmark feature at iCloud.com, it only works between devices.


    Saying that it took a little effort to get it all to work. I had to export my bookmarks to the desktop, turn off bookmark syncing on all devices, delete all bookmarks on all devices, add the export back on my mac, turn on bookmark syncing on that mac, then turn it on on all devices.

  • kbriceno Level 1 Level 1

    I ust read about this issue on another thread. Someone provided a solution that works:


    Go to settings > mail, contacts and calendars > and then change "fetch new data" to "PUSH." you will also have to select a time (30 min or 1 hour, for example). I did it and now my bookmarks sync fine.

  • Mike Mesford Level 1 Level 1

    I checked on my iPad and Fetch New Data was already set to Push.  Thanks, though.

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    It's true that there is no Bookmarks icon on the iCloud website.  And I think you're correct that iCloud isn't involved; I believe I remember reading that bookmarks would sync over wifi.  Yet the setting that enables syncing in my iPad is under Settings>iCloud, and when I connect my iPad via USB, the setting in iTunes says "You're bookmarks are being synced with your iPad over the air from iCloud. Over-the-air sync settings can be changed on your iPad."  So all in all, I'm left confused.  But I'll try your method and see if a clean slate is what's needed, regardless of how they actually work.

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    I've been using the synch to move bookmarks from MS Win machines to Apple hardware, and havent' had an issue yet (that I know of).

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10
    Mac OS X

    I didn't mean to infer that iCloud wasn't involved in bookmark syncing, it is, I only meant you can't access them at iCloud.com. I'm not sure if you are saying you are still syncing by iTunes, but you shouldn't be syncing by iTunes and iCloud, it will lead to problems.

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    No, I haven't been using both forms of syncing.  That was a troubleshooting exercise.  But I find it interesting that the only peson who has responded that their bookmark syncing is working is someone running windows.  Are there really no folks with macs who have bookmark syncing working?

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    I have noticed bookmarks not syncing.

    My wife has her and our shared mac, same room, same wifi, no sync.


    last nite on our shared mac i re-organized my bookmarks (on my user account) and well, they synced to the iphone, NOT to the ipad (all of which were in the room), and also NOT to the mac at work...


    really really *****. i am so disappointed with where apple is going these days. as happy as one can be for them to no longer be a small but quality company making amazing products, it really ***** for us long time users that they have really really opened up to the consumer market and the a lot of quality is going the way of the dodo.


    not that the hardware isnt still amazing...(:


    linux anyone?