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Hi , please help i want to face time on my mac?

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    You need to install FaceTime from the App Store.


    You can launch the App Store from your Apple menu, your Dock app_store_icon.jpg or from your Applications folder.


    You must be running Snow Leopard v10.6.6 or later.

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    FaceTime is in Lion (OS X 10.7.x) and is in the Applications Folder and tends to have the icon Carolyn posted in the DOCK.


    For Snow Leopard the later OS X updates will have added the App Store to the Applications Folder and the DOCK for you

    You can then use this to download and install FaceTime on a Snow Leopard computer.


    On a Mac you need to have an Apple ID that you are will to have used my FaceTime and need to enable that part in FaceTime (based on the Apple Document you were reading)

    I actually use a different ID on my Macs to the one I use for these Discussions and my iTunes account.



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