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I just purchased an unlocked iPhone 3GS this week from apple store and voice, text, and voice mail work fine, but I get an error message "you are subscribed to a data service" when I launch safari.  I get Internet fine when on my home wifi.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1, Straight talk network
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    You'll have to talk to a carrier. Straight Talk is not a supported carrier.


    It's possible your account is not provisioned correctly for data.

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    I am having the same problem, did you ever figure out how to do it?

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    There is nothing to figure out. They are NOT a supported carrier. If you have an AT&T phone, you can ONLY use it on AT&T. Discussing any attempt to do otherwise is forbidden by the terms of service here.

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    I did find a way to get data access through the straight talk network, by going to a website that will set your "APN" settings for you for free.  I was Leary of doing this, since there is no such thing as a free meal, but an Internet search for comments about the site turned up nothing negative. Since the download, it has worked flawlessly.    With that said, go check out  www.unlock it.co.nz. This is a website in New Zeeland, so type it in exactly as I have it and then follow instructions.  I still cannot send photos, video or texts with multiple recipients yet.  This is the MMS function which I see people talking solution to, but ilack tech sophistication to figure it out.  Good luck. Re

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    Ktom,  I was receiving unlimited data,voice text MMS on my straight talk smart phone plan. That is what I paid for.  Therefore discovering a way to input those settings into the IPhone is a technical solution to a services problem.  It is not going around my provider.  What it is getting around is the terribly stilted and inept tech support service that Straight Talk has given it's subscribers.  They use the ATT network.   another interesting development ST now sell the sim card alone, without buying their phones.  Subscribers are now free to buy unlocked 3gs IPhones from Apple, as I did, and use the ST net work.   I have not checked back with ST since they began selling sim card alone in late feb to see if they provide online support on how to fully activate their services with other compatible phones, but I dread the live tech support.

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    This is a hit or miss solution.  You can change APN settings as described above that APPLE gives you no direct way of changing.  You can also do this through a jailbreak and tetherme solution  but I have a PDP authentication failure on an iPhone4 (NOT jailbroken and NOT unlocked) that Straight Talk has not been able to fix.  3G data works fine on 2 other iPhone 4.  BEWARE of "upgrading" to  5.1 firmware (from 5.0.1).  Does nothing to solving this PDP authentication failure problem.  Not clear if this is the carrier's fault, the APN settings not being correct or what. I suspect something to do with carrier configuration but impossible to know without confirming the APN setting are correct for the carrier.

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    This works but you cannot see revised APN setting to confirm they are correct.  Only way I know you CAN SEE them is if the phone has been jailbroken and tetherme has been installed.  NOT RECOMMENDING YOU DO THAT with any phone that is still under warranty, but otherwise you have no way of seeing the APN settings.

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    Yes you can use Straight talk on your iPhones. The sim card costs $14.99 and can only be ordered online. I ordered an AT&T compatable phone SIM card. You do not need to buy or use Nokia N71 card.


    I have been using their service for the past two months on a 3gs phone. Locked or offically unlocked did not matter. The phone is NOT jailbroke either. The only three issues with ST that I am aware of are: no MMS on messages, no hotspot/tethering, and no visual voicemail. You do get notified of voicemail with badges and in the notification windows. The only set up required is to take safari and point to http://unlockit.co.nz to build a network configuraion file to enable data. (Voice and text work without the config file.) This site uploads a configruation file that is the same as one built by the Apple Configuration Program. The site is FREE and provides help. It does not "Unlock" your phone like AT&Tcarrier unlock or other jailbrake programs. $45 a month for unlimited talk, text, and web. I do not use international calling, but would consider skype or google voice for that. I have averaged 2.6gb of data a month with no cap on speed either.


    Site with more information:

    http://www.mymoneyblog.com/straight-talk-sim-card-iphone-4s-45-unlimited-prepaid -plan.html


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    Apple gives you a way to change the settings thought the Apple Configuration Program. It is a free download.

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    I tried the APPL config program.  Didn't work. It is not intuitive and why take a chance of messing things up.  The http://unlockit.co.nz website worked for me and takes all of 30 seconds.  Well worth a $5 donation IMHO.


    Have been on the ST plan for over 2 months now, great coverage throughout Texas and while you only get 3G and Edge data (in rural areas) it all works.  Helped a friend go buy a full price unlocked phone from the AAPL store and put him on this plan and he will come out way better $$-wise over a typical 24 mo contract.

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    I have tried the configuration from apple and there is so much invoved in that, hasnt worked for me. I have seen the unlockit website but i can even get wifi to come up. So, do you know if there is a way I could do it from my computer then to my iphone through usb. Any help would be appreciated.

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    You can have the profile emailed to you computer from the unlockit website. (I can send a copy as well.) I believe the iPhone configuration program will then open and transfer the configuration to your phone over usb. I have not tried it and wont have the chance until the weekend.  Why the prorblem with WiFi? If you cannot get WiFi to work, you may have bigger problems than accessing ST data. I would start there and get it working first.