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I have Exchange contacts on iPhone. No longer syncing with Exchange from work because not employed with them. How do I move the Exchange contacts on my iPhone to the Address book on the MacBook Pro I am setting up? I tried using iCloud to move all my contacts but only the contacts not associated with Exchange were synced via iCloud. I still have a sizeable number of Exchange contacts that did not transfer via iCloud. I currently have all of the contacts on my phone and I am trying to figure out how to move or sync them to the Address book on my MacBook Pro without losing any of the data/information. I am establishing my new iTunes library on my new MacBook Pro and afraid when I sync with iTunes that it will wipe away all of my Exchange contacts on my phone. Can anyone please tell me how I can move my Exchange contacts on my iPhone to my MacBook Pro without a loss of data. Thanks!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Manually enter them in iCloud or the contacts app on the computer.

    Exchange contacts are not actually on the device, they are synced from the Exchange server.  If the exchange account is removed, the contacts get removed.


    There is a "Share Contact" option in each contact that will allow sending of the individual contact via Email.

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    Thank you for the suggestions. I have over 1300 contacts on the phone. It would be drudgery to move them one at a time. I was hoping to find a way to export them in some way, although your suggstions do bring up an idea I had not though of yet. Thanks!

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    you can sync them all through itunes, however, your exchange global list will be protected from being synced unless you have created contacts for those on global.


    for example...if you are having to rely on your exchange server to find email addresses or participants for meetings, then those contacts will not be syncd unless you create a contact for that person using the exchange info...on your iphone first.

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    Were you able to figure this out? I am needing to sync 1100 contacts and can't seem to get the answer on how to. Any info would be great. Thanks!

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    linza - looking for the solution here...any ideas?

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    You can't. The only way you're going to be able to get an Address Book from Exchange into a different address book is to export it from Outlook and import that file into whatever address book you want it in.

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    The process is very easy if you have Outlook connected to your Exchange server. Simply export contacts as a comma separated txt file, then file>import into your Apple Address Book. I just did it for 1000 contacts in 30 seconds.

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    I was finally able to solve my problem! It took me a year, but I did it!!! I used a GREAT app for importing all of my wife's contacts (1800+) that were on her iPhone via Exchange (which she no longer had access to) which is called "My Contacts Backup Pro" which allows you to import over 500 contacts. The "Pro" app is $1.99 and it can be found in iTunes. If you have less than 500 contacts you can use the FREE version called "My Contacts Backup" which works pretty much the same way (minus a few perks), and is limited to only 500 contacts. Either way, they are both a heck of a bargain for what you get and can do with them. (Side note: I even went to Genius Bar with my issue previoulsy and they couldn't solve our problem, so I feel great I was able to find the app that helped me solve my wife's problem that was stumping everyone, including Apple.)


    The app works wonderful and is VERY easy to use. Using the My Contacts Backup Pro allows you to either backup contacts as a VCF (VCard) or Export Contacts as a CSV (Excel) file...all done from your iPhone. Basically, it allows you to Export your contacts from your phone via an email to yourself, then once on your computer, you can basically import your contacts into iCloud (that's what I did). You may have to deal with a few minor issues (i.e. duplicates) if you tried moving some of them over manually previously (which I did), but at least you are finally able to move the stuck Exchange contacts from your iPhone.


    My Contacts Backup Pro URL:


    I would recommend you follow the directions on the application as they are simple rather than me trying to explain step-by-step instructions on this forum. Best of luck!

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    Yes, just did.


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    Thank you so much RoperTwoFeet.  I bought the app, I uploded it, used and it was extremly easy.  After researching 3 hours about the topic I did it thanks to you!!!

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    "My Contacts Backup Pro" required too much work, there's a much better and quicker app out there called ContactMover. It's $4.99 but well worth it, all your contacts are migrated in about 2 seconds. You can read more about the app on the developer's website:

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    Similar to RoperTwoFeet, I had this issue for the last few months.  I found a free ap, 'Easy Backup', and you can backup your contacts, but better it can move contacts from an old Exchange account (abandoned since I changed jobs) to a new account or to your iCloud account.  Skip the Facebook linking, and go to Contacts, under Accounts choose your old Exchange account, use the up arrow to Move all to another account.  Takes a few minutes to move hundreds of contacts to iCloud, but it works.  Find it in the iTunes store.

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    I had the same question and couldn't find a clear answer until I discovered this thread. I followed W Barnes' suggestion above and it worked perfectly. Relatively easy and very quick. But as suggested before, don't link with Facebook - I had some problems and had to delete everything and repeat the process avoiding the Facebook link.

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    I just downloaded this App on my iPad and easily saved it to my Mac. Then I opened the e-mail that I sent to myself on my new iPhone 5S and downloaded all of them to my phone. Very easy and worth the $2.00. I had to do this because I no longer work for my previous company.

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