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my ipad 2 went dead since yesterday. when i tried to turn it on, the Red low battery indicator shows up.
i used my 10W Ipad charger to charge it for hours but the same indicator remains. I tried to use a few different

charges and cables to no avail.

When i tried to hard-reset it by pressing on the home-power button combination, only the Apple logo shows up briefly

(instead of the normal Power down slider), then a glimpse of the main screen shows up (passcode locked) shows for 1 sec

before the spinning wheel (loading indicator) appears- after which the screen goes blank.


Please help ?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.0.1
  • alanfromnewtownards Level 5 (5,260 points)

    Some aspects of the support site are temporarily down but try this link later in the day and it should get you going again  -


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    Thanks Alan.

    Tried accessing the support page you referred to a few times but it's still down.

    Feeling so helpless and disappointed with the level of support given by Apple.

    Similar thing happened to my Ipod touch 1st generation..just dies and i can do

    nothing about it except just receiving the replacement set.

  • alanfromnewtownards Level 5 (5,260 points)

    The site is up and running again.

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    Thanks Alan,

    I saw a glimpse of hope when i could see the site you referred me to.

    But unfornately, the image below just persist.
    I think it's an issue of the unit not charging at all for some reason...

    During my many attempts of resetting the unit, i did see the "Connect To Itunes"

    image appearing but as soon as i disconnect the ipad2 from the charging cable

    in an attempt to connect to my PC, the image blinks 3 times before showing

    an ALL Empty image of the battery.



    Upon connecting with my PC, the image below shows before disappearing.
    Once i unplug the cable, it blinks 2 times before turning all blank screen.


    Pressing the Homebutton as i connect it with my PC doesnt work too

    - Itunes wont detect it and the same image below shows...




    I think the battery is failing to charge for some reason.


    Anyone has similar experience ? I pray that this is not the End of my Ipad 2...

  • alanfromnewtownards Level 5 (5,260 points)

    Here is another link you can explore - http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3281


    Is your iPad still under warranty/extended warranty. It doesn't have to be the end of the iPad, a new battery, if necessary, can be installed by Apple.

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    Thank you Alan.

    I will take a look and try one more time.
    The trouble is i bought the ipad in New York on 6th of April

    but is now expatriated in South Korea.

    Need to find a trip back to the state side to get this fix. bummer.