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I have had my iPhone 4S for about a month now. Whenever I make phone calls I have to talk on speeker brcause the volume from the regular phone call speaker is too quiet. Here is what I have done so far to attempt it to work based on other forum discussions.


Original plastic protection removed

Hard reset

Adjust volume (it is on max)

And cleaned the lint out.


None of those worked. Is my last option to take it to the apple store? It is like an hour away.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
  • Kinst Level 1 Level 1

    Of course the Apple store is your choice. A hour is not too far, my nearest apple store is 3000 miles away but I went to there. 3 times.

    You will be replaced for sure. But aware of the following on replaced one:

    - buzzing vibro, before setting up move the silent switch placing the iPhone to ear tightly. It must be vibration without any sound.

    - OCNA. Activate the one there and make 5-10 calls to different numbers. Pay attention on very first call, if counter will start but no sound, replace it.