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  • Tony T1 Level 6 Level 6 (8,720 points)

    7.6.0 is not available for d/l.  It's possible that you have it saved in Time Machine.

    Open TM and navigate (in your home directory) to: Library/Application Support/Apple/AirPort/Firmware/114/

  • JrDickie Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'll try to check for it when I get home.

    But I think it's not there, once I bought my iMac in January/2012 and my AirPort Extreme in October/2012.

  • Flopsy007 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I struggled with this issue for quite some time and read through loads of forums in search for a solution. Seems that in my case the solution was sooo simple. Won't apply to all with such issues, I'm sure, but maybe it will help out a few people.


    Case story: I'm using a MacMini2010 as media center (running Plex). I have an ISP modem as DHCP server and a Time Capsule (TC) in bridged mode connected to the DHCP server. The TC broadcast the WiFi. Wake on demand worked fine in Lion but after upgrading to ML it stopped working. When the MacMini was sleeping I had to wake it manually.


    What I found out the other day is that wake on demand over WiFi (using "magic packets") does not work when your TC (or Airport extreme) is in bridged mode. But of course wake on demand over ethernet should still work.


    Earlier on I had WiFi turned off on the Mini as I wasn't using it, but sometime along the way and probably after upgrading to ML I turned WiFi on. Just for the **** of it I turned WiFi off the other day and now wake on demand works perfectly over ethernet. I don't understand why turning on WiFi disables this ethernet feature, because Ethernet was placed above WiFi in Network Preferences. But in my case it doesn't seem like it was ML's fault.


    IN SHORT: If the Mac that won't wake on demand is connected both via ethernet and WiFi try turninng of WiFi. It did the trick for me enabling wake on demand from LAN and from iphone/ipad running Plex. I'm a happy pig again

  • JrDickie Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    My iMac is connected to Airport Extreme via Ethernet and wifi is completely disabled. The problem persists.


    I'm leaving iMac on 24/7, but with monitor off. This last night I tried to put the iMac to sleep again and this morning I just not was able to wake it from iPhone/ATV3, but noticed that the ethernet connection went down!!! It just came to life again after restarting the machine.


    It sems that it's something with ML software.

  • Tony T1 Level 6 Level 6 (8,720 points)


    My setup is similiar to yours (only difference is I have Lion on the mini), however, with the 7.6.3 firmware, I can't wake the mini, but it works with 7.6.0

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    No activity on this thread for a while ...


    Is it working now ?

  • Tony T1 Level 6 Level 6 (8,720 points)

    Simon69 wrote:


    No activity on this thread for a while ...


    Is it working now ?


    Only with a downgrade to 7.6.0 firmware

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    My MacPro on 10.8.3 (also tried everything in this thread with lion too) still doesn't wake over wifi even with my AirPort Extreme on 7.6.0 (or 7.6.1-3). Just think Apple broke it and hasn't bothered fixing it.


    I just schedule my mac to wake in the evenings, leave it to stay awake for 3hours while putting the hard disks and the screen to sleep after 1 min. Seems to work for me, although there is the occasion where I will have to manually wake it if I'm using my appletv outside that timeframe. But seeing that it will stay visible on the network for a couple of hours after sleeping, this seems to cover everything I need just not as convenient as I'd like.

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    Similar setup to Flopsy007 with my TC in bridge mode and the ISP modem as DHCP server.

    My experience is that iMac (10.8.3) will wake on access by iTunes Homesharing (by another Mac's iTunes or by an ATV), but I can't get it to wake for shared printer access.  All my macs and ATVs are ethernet not wireless, though wireless at the TC is operational.    


    When I set up my LAN about a year ago I did have "wake on LAN access" working fine for shared printer access. I commented that it was great news it worked with the TC in bridge mode......   ......Alas that was 10.7.

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    Flopsy007 wrote:


    IN SHORT: If the Mac that won't wake on demand is connected both via ethernet and WiFi try turninng of WiFi.


    Thanks for posting this.  I hadn't visited this thread for some time, but I read your post and it turns out that this is exactly what my problem was.  Turning off WiFi when directly connected to the LAN allows "Wake for network access" to work again.  I'm able to remove the darkwake=0 setting from and everything works.


    Turning off wifi strangely also fixed another problem I had been having with iTunes wifi sync jamming up after iTunes had been running for a day or two, necessitating a restart of iTunes.  With wifi off, now wifi sync works much more reliably.

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    Glad my post helped you out, Killdozer. I myself havn't had trouble with wake-on-LAN since I turned off the wifi nearly three months ago

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    Hi, Fellows!


    It seems that since the last iTunes and OSX updates the problem is gone. At least, I can sync with my home sharing from my iPhone, doesn't matter how long the iMac went to sleep.


    Let's make some more tests to make sure the issue is finally gone.



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    Hi JrDickie -


    This sounds promising - I'll give it a try myself tonight.


    Out of interest, how many minutes do you have your sleep settings set to, and is your iMac connected over WiFi or ethernet ?


    (I use a late 2011 MacMini connected via Ethernet to a TimeCapsule and use Apple TV v3.)



  • Simon69 Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    As a follow-up - my MacMini wakes if I use Back to my Mac or iPhone remote app ...


    ... however my Apple TV is still unable to wake it (all software is completely up to date on the Mac, Apple TV, iPhone, Time Capsule.)


    It used to work pre-Lion.


    A step in the right direction, but not quite there yet.

  • JrDickie Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I left it slept for all the night (8 hours or more) and woke it up perfectly at the morning using my iPhone Music app. Did not try with the Apple TV.


    I use iMac (2011) with Mountain Lion, sleep settings to 1 hour, connected over ethernet to a switch than to the Airport Extreme. Wi-Fi is unabled.