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I need to delete a lot of old contacts. Is there a good app or fast way to clean up my contacts? Deleting one at a time would be a drag. Thanks.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    Are you syncing your contacts to an address book or cloud service as intended? If so, do it on your computer then sync.

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    It seems as my Iphone 5 takes every single contact from mail the mails I've received. It takes a lot of time to delete them separately ("open->change->scroll down->delete")

    Is there a fast way to edit contact, preferably without opening them?


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    Let me guess... You're using gmail, aren't you?


    Check the setting on your gmail account from their web site. You have it set to automatically add email addresses to your contacts. You'll have to fix that on the gmail web site. You can mass delete contacts from there as well if that's what you're syncing them with.

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    Noop, my employer uses MS Exchange as "over-all" platform. I use Office Outlook 2010 to handle my mail. I synchronize my Iphone 5 towards Office Outlook 2010.

    Did this make things more clear ?

    Thank's - I'm grateful for your interest & assistance

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    Then you probably have the suggested contacts feature turned on in Outlook.


    See this article: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/automatically-add-contacts-for-ev eryone-that-you-send-an-email-message-HA101874367.aspx#_Toc262044381


    Turn Suggested Contacts on or off

    Suggested Contacts is turned on by default. Because Suggested Contacts is considered part of Outlook Address Book, some synchronization programs might attempt to synchronize the contacts to other devices.

    The Suggested Contacts folder can contain a large number of entries. To prevent synchronization of theSuggested Contacts folder, review the documentation provided by your synchronization software. You can also exclude the folder as part of the Outlook Address Book. This might prevent the folder from being synchronized with other devices.

    1. In Contacts, in the Navigation Pane, click Suggested Contacts.
    2. On the Folder tab, in the Properties group, click Folder Properties.
    3. On the Outlook Address Book tab, clear the Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book check box.

    If you want to turn Suggested Contacts off, do the following:

    1. Click the File tab.
    2. Click Options.
    3. Click Contacts.
    4. Under Suggested contacts, select or clear the Automatically create Outlook contacts for recipients that do not belong to an Outlook Address Book.

    You might also want to delete the contents of the Suggested Contacts folder.

    1. In Contacts, in the Navigation Pane, click Suggested Contacts.
    2. Click any contact, and then press CTRL+A.
    3. On the Home tab, in the Delete group, click Delete.