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I contacted apple support.  pls see my discussion below:


Dear Amber


I am very reluctant to turn on my imatch and/or icloud capabilites.  I fixed my problem by resetting my itunes on my mac.  I used my ipod to restore my library. since it wasn't infected with thousands of empty playlists   I now have everything in order but dreadfuly fear using your fix, as if it doesn't work, I will have the thousands of playlists back on my computer.   You just have to go into my cloud, and delete my account so I can start anew!!


Does this problem get submitted by you to Apple software engineers?  I would hope so as the apple community is still trying to remedy this problem.


here is the link you can visit in the apple support communityh to read more horror stories.










On Feb 6, 2012, at 8:35 PM, iTunes Store wrote:


Hello Victor,


Victor, could you please confirm whether you tried the suggestions I advised? They are relatively non-technical and ones that have worked for other customers.


Also while I appreciate the information you have been including from discussion forums, I would prefer if you would provide the link instead of the actual discussion as this is much easier to review.


As mentioned in my last email: I found the below possible resolutions at:


1)Turn off iTunes Match on all devices


2)Creating Playlist on computer instead of devices resolved the issue for some customers


3) 1.  Turned off Match on iPhone and iPad


2.  Deleted 1000s of the Playlist in iTunes, but left one!


3.  Put 2 songs in the 1 remaining problem playlist in iTunes on my Mac
(the 2 songs i chose were songs that were ON my iPhone already)
4.  in iTunes I chose "Update iTunes Match" in the "Store" menu.
(let it finish, shouldnt take long)
5.  Restart iTunes.
6.  Turned on Match on iPhone
7.  Created a playlist on iPhone with 1 song in it
(before it had a chance to populate any playlists from iCloud/Match)
8.  Cold restarted iPhone
(Home and Lock button restart)
9.  Opened the Music app on iPhone and waited for the playlists to populate.


Please let me know if you see a difference with any of these troubleshooting methods.


Victor, I also need to mention that methods in the discussion forum are different per customer and though one customer may state that an Apple representative deactivated their iCloud account, that may not be the exact steps that were taken on the representatives end and may also have depended on other factors with regards to that customers iCloud account.


I apologize but for this issue, we do not offer 'live support' or phone, It is our email group that investigates.




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    I'm just getting up to speed on this issue too, but the same thing has happened to me. So, I'm trying to figure out how to delete all the playlists too!

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    I was stuck in a hotel room for the weekend so I had a lot of time to problem solve the identical issue you had.  Here is what I did & it worked like a charm.


    1 - Turn off iTunes match on all my devices except for my MacBook Pro.


    2 - I used automator for the first time in my 5 years of being a Mac convert.  Launch automator, choose "Workflow", click on "Music" & drag the "Remove Empty Playlists" to the right.  Run the workflow & BE PATIENT.  This could take a while depending on how many thousands of empty playlists you have.


    3 - After a couple of days (don't know if I had to wait this long, but it seemed important in other posts), I turned on Match on all my other devices again.  I then launched iTunes.  Don't be disheartened when all the playlists show up again; they will disappear after a while (1/2 hour) depending on how many there were.  Again, BE PATIENT.


    It's not an overly fast process, but it is effective.  I hope this helps.