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I have albums I can listen to in iTunes (downloaded from iTunes Store) that will not download to my iPhone 4.  Any ideas?  I have 4 authorized computers on my account.  For example, four of my Decemberist albums will not download to my iPhone, but they used to.  Still play in iTunes, but won't download to my iPhone. But they will download to my iPod Nano.


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iPhone 4, Windows 7
  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    Why will they not sync to the iPhone?

    Are they selected to sync?
    What happens when trying to sync them?


    Without details of the issue, it's virtually impossible to offer assistance.

  • jonwoodman Level 1 Level 1

    >Why will they not sync to the iPhone?


    That is what I would like to know.


    >Are they selected to sync?


    Sorry.  I thought this was obvious.  Yes, they are selected to sync. I tried selecting them by artist, album, and playlist.  I even tried dragging and dropping them in my iPhone.  None of that works.  I get no error message that some songs failed to sync, or explaining why that is happening.


    >What happens when trying to sync them?


    Nothing.  The sync appears to occur as normal, but when I check the iPhone, the songs/albums just aren't there.  As I said, no error messages.  However, everything else seems to sync just fine - apps, podcasts, and most other songs.


    Thanks for any help or questions.

  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    Okay, let's try this.


    With the iDevice connected, select it in the left hand pane.

    On the Summary tab, is "Manually manage music and video" checked?

    On the Music tab, is "Sync Music" checked?


    If neither of the above are checked, there is no expectation for music to sync as the user has told iTunes not to sync anything.


    If they are checked, uncheck the appropriate option and sync the device.  Then recheck the option and sync the device, does that rectify the issue?

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    Thanks.  Tried all your suggestions.  Still won't sync all my music. I have selected 51 songs from a certain group.  My iPhone will only sync 30 of the songs, all from three albums.  The rest of the songs won't sync.  When I look in the playlist on the iPhone in the left hand pane, the songs are grey with the double arrow circle next to them.  Clicking on them doesn't seem to do anything.


    And here is more weirdness.  I am finding songs that show up on my iPhone, but won't play. I select them and press play, but nothing happens.  The song shows up in the Now Playing window, and the pause button is present (meaning the song should be playing) but the progress indicator remains at 0:00.


    And some songs, when I try to play them, they play an entirely different song.  So weird.  Literally, the Now Playing window will show one song, title and album cover, but be playing an entirely different song.


    BTW, all this music was purchased on iTunes, if that matters.

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    I'm having the same problem with one song.  I even purchased it on my iPhone but it won't show up in my music. Hoping someone will provide resolution...

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    I'm having the same problem with ALL my music, all of a sudden.  Phone has been updating fine.  Went to play a song today and nothing.  I have tried resetting, manually managing sync, sync all music vs. selected, etc... NOTHING.  I have synced at least 30 times.  The bar at the bottom jumps up to show 6GB of music during the sync which is about right, but then drops down to .98 GB at the finish.  Can't play any songs on the iphone through iTunes either. 


    If it matters, just last week I got a message that I was reaching maximum storage capacity, so during my multiple syncing for the last several hours, I removed all photos (at least 4GB) and several books to free up space - NO CHANGE. 


    Can somebody PLEASE respond????  This is ridiculous.  I don't have the money to continue buying Apple if it's just going to turn into a piece of garbage like all the rest of the junk out there that hardly works.

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    I'm feeling the same way as Stephmaj.  I can run iTunes just fine on my HP-PC with Windows 7.  I can play music on my computer.  When my old iPhone 3G is connected, iTunes recognizes it and updates the firmware if needed.  iTunes says it's sync'ing, but no music is transfered/downloaded to the phone.  I have three tunes I bought from the iTunes Store that are just sitting on my computer--well, I played them there, too.  I have tunes I downloaded from some old CDs that have yet to make it to my phone.  I'm getting really upset with Apple.

  • BuggerMeBlue Level 1 Level 1

    By turning off "Manual Sync" and "Sync only clicked items", I was able to download all 2800 tunes to my iPhone.