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I pushed an iBook last night using Producer and the process completed successfully.  The book size is close to 600MB so it took a while.  However, when I log in to iTunes Connect, I don't see the book listed under "Manage My Books."  Shouldn't it show up there even if under a Pending status?



MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Best advice is be patient. I know it's nerveracking. First books and large books take a while to be approved. - Fabe

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    Thanks Fabe.  The question is really about the book showing up under "Manage My Books" not about approval.  I think it show should up in iTunes Connect.

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    It has to be approved or not-approved first. It could show up as non-approved, with a red dot.

    Be patient grasshopper.  :-)  - Fabe

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    I just checked the status in Producer and it's reporting an Import Error, but no other details.  I wonder how we're supposed to figure out what caused the Import Error on their end since Producer didn't report any issues prior to the upload. 


    Also, I am a little suspicious that I wasn't prompted for an ISBN number.  Isn't that required, even for a free book?

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    Yes, a missing ISBN should have stopped you in your trackes at the time of delivery. iBookstore uses the ISBN as a unique file identifier and name.

    I'm sure you are already doing what I am about to suggest. Fill out all the fields in iTunes Producer again and re-deliver. Good luck. Keep us posted.  - Fabe

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    Actually, it doesn't seem that the ISBN is required since this is a free iBook.  It's assigning some Vendor ID based on the book title, so the Import Error has to be something else.  It's very frustrating not knowning what this error means and there does not seem to be any help related to it anywhere.

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    You might try this: Before resubmitting the book again, open iTunes Producer or go to the opening page. Click on "Open Package ..." In the Playlists window that appears, find the file for the book you just uploaded and delete it. Then start fresh with a new upload.


    This is trial and error on my part. It's what I would try. Good luck. - Fabe

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    Nothing is working.  I've tried uploading the file 14 different times already.  I tried pretty much everything possible, but the result is the same: the dreaded "Import Error" with zero explanation as to what's causing it.

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    For all of you future frustrated iBook Authors...


    If the book doesn't show up in Connect in 10 minutes, something is wrong.  Most likely, it's an "Import Error."  In Producer, go to to File --> Package History and it will show you one of the following:


    Uploading -- Package is still being uploaded to the site

    Internal Transfer - Package was uploaded and is being copied to another location internal to the Apple

    Import Processing -- The Package is being validated by Apple.  This is an automated process

    Imported -- Everything went well and now the book should show up in Connect with the Status of "under review."

    Import Failed -- Good luck figuring this out.  My issue was related to some of the videos in the book.  We have 50 videos in the book so this was kind of a treat to work on.