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Recently on my Intel iMac (but also on my Mac Book Pro) safari has had a couple of problems;


1. Scrolling stops working at all - the only way around it is to refresh the page you are on.  It appears to be at random (in that I haven't found a common time or website that it happens to).


2. Mainly on 'app' style / heavy websites (HTML5 etc), safari becomes unresponsive in the sense that you can't click on clickable items.  The mouse pointer doesn't turn into the hand which usually signifies something is clickable.  This is generally resolved by restarting safari, or simply reloading the page.


I don't know if they are related, but it's becoming a real problem.  Has anyone got any way to fix this?


I'm using Lion 10.7.3 on the iMac.

Thanks in advance