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I'm using an Iphone 4, White, Model MC604C. I bought this from my friend in Canada when she came back to Vietnam. At that time, the Iphone's version was 4.3.2, baseband 03.10.01 and I can use it with ANY SIM in Vietnam. So I guess this is a WORLD version. But today, I decided to update to version 5.0.1 but Itunes required a VALID sim to activate. Since I've updated many Iphones from Hongkong or Singapore, it always automatically activated if it was a WORLD version. So why did my phone need a valid sim then? I tried to put in and out my Sim card from Vietnam but there is always SEARCHING... and finally NO SERVICE.


Please help me with this issue. I don't know which carrier this Iphone belongs to and my friend doesn't remember either.  So I cannot ask her to buy a Sim card to activate.


My Serial is: 88118TSHDZZ



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    If your iPhone4 ceased to work with your carrier when you tried to update to 5.01

    That will be because someone hacked it to make it work with any carrier 

    and updating has locked it back to the original canadian

    It is not a World version it would probably have  been  purchased from

    a Canadian carrier and locked to them now you have relocked it by updating


    see here for Apple comments on "hacking".


    Only the Canadian carrier can unlock your iPhone4

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    I don't think my Iphone was hacked because it wasn't jailbroken or anything like that. It was original like any new Iphone. I really don't know why.

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    Well that is the most obvious solution and  being" like original" means nothing

    Assuming the iPhone has locked to the original carrier (why it now will not work in

    Vietnam) then that carrier is the ONLY source of an unlock to allow it to work

    in your Country


    Strange how many people cannot remember who their carrier was

    when it comes to arrangong an unlock that is if the carrier offers

    unlocking, in Canada only FIDO and Rogers will unlock


    see this doc



    If you are convinced it is not locked go through the basic troubleshooting

    found in the user manual

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    Thank you, I tried to contact FIDO and ROGER by email. Hope they will reply me soon. It's terrible if whenever I update a factory unlocked Iphone to a new version, it become locked again.

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    But you have to know who the iPhone is locked to ,it could be any of the Canadian carriers

  • wegras Level 6 (15,070 points)

    I doubt it is a factory unlocked iPhone unless it was purchased at an Applw Store in Canada

    If it was a genuine unlocked iPhone it would not lock to ANY carrier

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    Hi i just have seen your problem I had the same situation with 4.2.1 but this is not your upgrade to ios 4.3 . few months ago i bought a factory unlocked iphone from apple store at full price. I bring it home and then i activated it with my fido sim card everything was perfect .
    Then i send it to someone of my family in Morocco . When they received the phone they inserted a sim card and it said Invalid Sim card the iphone has been locked to Fido trough activation process went to appstore they did a check and they told me that infact it was unlocked and now it has been locked to fido ( Strange situation ) and then they told me to bring the phone and they will replace it but the phone was at 6000 Km so i had no choice i contacted fido to unlock it Because only fido and rogers can do this here in Canada so i paid 50 $ and send to them the proof of purchase and then they unlocked it trough itunes.


    What they told me at appstore they have a batch of phones in this situations but now it seems that the problem is fixed.


    Finaly for your information if you buy a brand new iphone from any career in canada you can activate it with any other carieer and it's gonna be locked to this career ( For example you can buy a brand new iphone from telus and for the first time you can use it with rogers and it will be locked to rogers ) Even if it s suposed to be a telus phone .




    I found this post. Oh my GODDDDD! If this is true then Apple is **** **** and so is Canadian carrier.

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    I am not clear what point you are trying to make


    The issue is always with the user, if you want an iPhone that

    works without problems then buy it in Vietnam

    Apple and Canadian carriers IN CANADA are selling to the Canadian

    residents ,you are trying to save money and blaming everyone else

    because you are trying to save a buck

    Go buy from one of your two Apple Approved Carriers and you will have

    no problems

    just stop trying to claim a conspiracy

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    Don't be too ridiculous. I didn't mean to blame anyone, any brand name or any country, and obviously not all the issue is from the users. They paid for the product, so they have the right to ask about any problems which caused under warranty force. As you can see, I'm not the only one who has this problem. There are tons of questions relevant to mine are updating but still have no solutions as they all bought the product outside the country. Not all nation in the world is authorised to sell IPhone 4. But you can find IP4 everywhere. They bought it in other countries and when they came home it didn't work. But there is no chance to come back for warranty so they used the online service, just like me. If Iphone has the global warranty policy just like Macbook or by checking serial or IMEI, Apple could help users to activate their Iphone again if they are factory unlocked, it would be much easier.


    I would buy an Iphone from my country if they didn't force me to wait for so long. In Vietnam, if you want to buy an Iphone, you'll have  to wait from 1 or 2 months. Lol, I'm not that kind of patience. That's why when my friend came back from Canada with a new Iphone, I bought it immediately.

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    Well delighted to see you worked it out but where you are is where you are and Apple works the way it does


    You have the answers nothing else I can add


    Good luck

    As you feel strongly I suggest you talk to Apple


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    This became funny. I asked my friend in Canada to call Apple. They admitted that my Iphone was factory unlocked and support me with some easy steps which I had done thousands time like putting the sim card in and out, reset the network... Finally, they told me to bring the phone to the retail store or the carrier which provide this Iphone. That's the only way because "Apple can't do it. You can't do it. Only the retail store or the carrier which provide this Iphone can do it. If this Iphone was factory unlocked and now locked again, contact the carrier".


    Lol, how could I bring my phone from Vietnam to Canada? The express fee could be half an Iphone. This really gets into my nerve.

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    The bottom line is that your phone is defective, and it's irrelevant that you can find someone else with the same problem.  The vast, vast majority of factory unlocked phones sold in Canada (and elsewher) do not relock when updated.


    Your phone is covered by the warranty only when you are in Canada.  iPhone warranties are not international - valid only in the country where the phone was originally sold by Apple. This is well known and printed in the warranty.  If you don't like it, take it up with the person who put a gun to your head and forced you to buy the phone in Canada instead of Vietnam.


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    I do know Apple does not have global warranty policy for Iphone. But when someone bought an Iphone from other countries and then they went home; or they purchased the phone in their home country but then went oversea, they can contact the carrier to unlock it if that carrier do provide that kind of service. My friend did. She bought the factory unlocked version so it was used perfectly and smoothly in Vietnam. Apple did admit this was true - the Iphone was factory unlocked. But since I updated my phone to 5.0.1, it was locked again. That's the problem which many users have faced. If you read my link, you could see.


    All I want is to activate my Iphone so it could work with any sim card like usual. By checking the serial and IMEI, Apple DO KNOW my Iphone was factory unlocked. Is it too hard for them to unlock it again?

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    In which case ask your friend to call Apple again and "nicely" ask them to remove the lock

    Ranting here will achieve nothing apart from possibly making you feel better

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