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PeterBreis0807 Level 7 (34,567 points)

I am trying to transition my father to OSX on a new iMac.


I've tried several times to get him to commit to getting Internet but he is just not going to.


However it would be useful to get the tutorial videos on Apple's Support pages for him to follow as he learns, iWork in particular, but other tasks as well. I've shown them to him in the AppleStore and he seems to like them as a method of instruction.


Apple however has changed its method of streaming the video, I can't download them anymore using QuickTime and you can't access them via the Safari > Activity menu either.


Why Apple is making it hard to get something they seem to want us to have, seems strange to me.


How do you download the tutorials? I'd like to put them on a Flassh Drive for Dad to use at home.



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  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (103,360 points)

    The tutorials are copyrighted and therefore cannot be downloaded.


    iWork in particular


    iWork can be purchased as a bundle from the Apple Store but you can download Pages, Numbers, and Keynote individualy from the App Store if the Mac is running v10.6.6 or later.


    Help with the software can be access from the Help menu with any of those apps.

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 (34,567 points)

    That is not a reason.


    They could be DLed before, they were just QT movies.


    The content of the entire Apple Support site is copyrighted but I can print any of it to pdf or capture it as websource.


    Apple User Manuals are also copyrighted but you can download them, an obviously desirable thing to do. That applies to a vast amount of material on Apple's sites, even its commercial sites such as the iTunes Store and the Mac App Store which both have free, copyrighted and downloadable content.


    Copyright does not preclude access, it just affirms the ownership of the IPR. So the connection between copyrighted and being unable to be downloaded, is a furphy.


    Why make something you want people to have, to make using your product easier, difficult to access? The equivalent of putting a chain on your product brochures in a store?



  • RiverdaleMAC Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm with you Peter. There are three brand new Aperture users in this house and we all want to watch all the very well produced introductory tutorial videos. But without being able to save them we have to download them all repeatedly so everybody can watch, and rewatch, them, at their own pace. These really should be made avaibale for download. I am aware of all the "work arounds" for downloading web content but why make it so hard?