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Forgive my ignorance on this.  I did not use iTunes prior to getting an iPhone 4s.


I HAD music on my iPhone 4s no problem using the autofill feature from my netbook.  I recently purchased a new laptop and my music was transferred from my netbook to my laptop.  I decided to clear out my iPhone and resync it to my new laptop.  That is, apparently, an impossible task for me.


When using the autofill feature- even from a blank iphone- it did not transfer all songs.  As a result- I started looking around at tutorials and realized I should use the sync function.  I told my phone to delete the itunes sync with my netbook and sync it with my laptop.  It went through it's steps- now every single song is grey on my iphone 4s list and unplayable from my phone.  My phone claims I have 0 music.


All songs play perfectly from the laptop.  I even deleted the entire itunes library and readded it to itunes.  I then tried to sync again.  All grey.  I am at a loss as to what I am doing wrong, I don't understand why autofill worked perfectly from a netbook and now I can't transfer a single song from a laptop. 


How can I fix this?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1