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If I select a tune to listen to, it opens in itunes and itunes adds it to the library.  I would like to stop itunes from doing this, but I can't find a control to do this or to let me make quicktime be the default player.  So I am constantly deleting stuff that it adds, PIA!

Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Mac OS X: Double-Clicking a File Opens the Wrong Application - http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2291


    =Changing the application used to open all files of a certain kind=


    1) In a Finder window highlight a file of the kind you want to change the application to open that kind of file.


    2) While that file is highlighted, select File > Get Info or press command (apple or propeller icon) + i to get a file information window.


    3) In the lower part of the info window there is an "open with" menu with a list of applications.


    4) If your application is already in the box then it is the default application for opening that kind of file and you don't need to do anything more.  Close the get info window.


    5) If the application showing in the menu is not the one with which you wish to open the file then select a new application. If your application does not appear there then select the "other..." and track down the application (usually in the Applications folder at the main level of the computer).


    6) If you wish to change all files of this type to open with this application in future, make sure the "change all" button is selected.


    7) Close the get info window.


    To open a file one time with an application, right click the file and Open With.

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    In the Finder select any mp3 (or other format that you use)

    CMD+I , or right click --> Get info

    >Open with:

    iTunes (default) ---> chang this to quicktime

    Select "Change All" button


    Now your files will open with quicktime by default.

    If you want something in iTunes, you have to drag the file from finder in a playlist or in the library


    good luck, A.

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    Thanks for your help!  This seems to have worked.