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    Is Apple/ iTunes goign to do something about this? It seems to occur on both my laptop and iPod Nano randomly, but once a song is affected the damage is done. This morning nearly every song from one artist cut off about 3/4 of the way through the song and skipped to the next. The issue seems to be happening more frequently.


    We need a fix Apple, these songs cost alot of $$

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    I had the same problem but I think I found the solution. Some songs after buying them on itunes would stop playing part way. I fixed this by deleting the song from my itunes library. Once I had done this I went on to the 'purchases' section and I could now redownload the songs I had deleted. Now they play fine. Hope this helps.

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    Look in File, Summary. If you see that the file is called Protected AAC file.  You have a problem.  If you dont see " Itunes V6.0.1.3 or a similar version nor do you see Quicktime 7.0.3 or another version, you have a problem.  Not sure how to get all songs "not protected" and attached to versions of Itunes and Quicktime though.

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    This is a problem that has been irking me for the past month or two, and that doesn't seem to have a proper solution anywhere on the web.


    Whenever I add new files to my library, some of these new files only play until 2:37 and then skip to the end (the last second). The skipping point is sometimes 2:00 or 3:00, but mostly 2:37.

    If I convert these files to AAC files, they are 2:37 minutes long. (or 2:00 and 3:00 if those are the skipping points)


    Here is a screenshot to provide some context:


    This seems to be happening randomly and the song can actually play beyond 2:37 if I start playing at a point after 2:37.

    The files itself are not corrupt, as I have been able to successfully play them beyond 2:27 with other players (VLC, Windows, etc)


    There is nothing wrong with the start time and end time, and I also have tried re-installing iTunes, but the problem still remains.


    I also tried re-adding the problematic files, but they rarely have ever succeeded.

    The only times this succeeds is when I converted the corrupt files to M4A (or any other compatible format) through a 3rd party software, and re-added them again. Sometimes, even this doesn't work.


    Does anyone have a solution, preferably someone on the Apple support staff, for this?



    Don Lankley


    Dell Inspiron/Windows 7 Pro, This is not a problem with the OS

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