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I've been wondering about this for some time now.


I can write, make movies, read Amazon books and B&N e-pub books, watch streaming video, get on the internet with all my Macs and iPod and iPad -- all my book purchases are saved in iTunes on my Mac -- but, when it comes app software for my Mac Pro to read the books that Apple sells in iBooks, I cannot do it!!!


BUT! with Amazon, I can download the book, read it on my iPod, iPad, Mac Pro -- via internet or from my desktop -- watch or stream a movie on my Mac, buy stuff from Amazon on my Mac and iPod/iPad... store my books online or back them up to my Mac...


It is very frustrating to say the least.


My friend's son has a iMac.


But, they don't buy books from the Apple iBook Store because, as she puts it, "Why would I bother? My son has an iMac, but not an iPad, and he can't open the iBooks on his iMac, so I buy books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Then he can read them on a big, beautiful, sharp 27" screen. Plus, he can easily make the lettering bigger, if needed. Then, he can do whatever else he needs to do on his computer, all while running several programs all at once... not something that can be done on a $500-$700 iPad."


Apple needs to fix this, don't you think?

iPod touch, iOS 4.2, Kindle 2.8 app
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    Yes you are right, unfortunately you cannot read books bought from the iBooks store on your Mac. However, you can submit feedback to Apple via to let them know what you think.

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    I can't believe this either, I've just bought an iMac and I am so **** frustrated as I've downloaded a lot of iBooks from iTunes and am now trying to read them on my new iMac.  I've been trying to double click on it to launch it but nothing happens.  Then I've wasted so much time searching on the internet to see how I do it and now everywhere I'm looking everyone else is having the same problem.  This is just absolutely astounding, and if I knew this I would not have wasted my money in buying this machine - what an oversight. 

  • AM_Kidd Level 3 (975 points)

    You can always go to to tell Apple that this is a feature you would like to see in the next update or something.

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    I just acquired a new (late 2011) MacBook Pro and downloaded iBooks Author. Of course all the epubs from iTunes are encrypted and will not open. I guess until Apple has the idea of providing iBooks for Mac to let users read their iBooks you will need to stick with Kindle and Nook.


    BTW, if someone can post a link to the Nook for Mac app I would appreciate it, as it is not available in the Mac App Store.

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    Im an avid Apple fanboy. I own all Mac computers, ipad, iphone 4s, the works. Recently I was looking for the second hunger games book in my iBooks and couldnt find it. Eventually I discovered that I could download a Kindle app and download the book to all of my devices. I was thoroughly impressed and assmued that Apple would offer the same features. Upon finishing those books I downloaded my next book in iBooks, just so I could give my money to Apple again. I was incredibly disappointed to find out how far behind Apple was on this one. Until apple makes iBooks accesible through all of their devices I guess I will go back to giving my money to Kindle. Step it up in my opinion.

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    I want to add to this story that I had an almost unforgiveable customer service experience with an iBook in comparison to stellar customer service regarding a Kindle purchase. 


    In short, Amazon/Kindle was happy to refund a purchase when I explained that I had changed my mind and would rather have the iBook version.


    Apple, misrepresented a book (they had two versions for sale an updated version and an outdated version), and when i aksed for a refund, said that they had given me a refund for a app purchase 3 years ago so they could not give me a refund now.  When I forwarded them the prompt, polite, and customer-focused e-mail I had received from Amazon/Kindle Apple said that they would make an exception for me, but only this once.


    Someone in charge of the iBooks divisions needs to do some thinking about how this product line is going to continue Apple's reputation for customer service and exceptional products

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    Quick tip... not ideal, but it may help some of this...


    Rather than buying directly from iTunes, buy the eBook directly from publisher or  Look for epub or PDF formats.  Both can be easily added to itunes (just drag and drop into itunes) so you can still read them in iBooks on ipad/phone.  Plus, you can use NOOK for Mac (link earler in post) or Adobe Reader to read on mac.


    I just bought two books in epub format and was able to read them in NOOK on my macbook and iBooks on my ipad.


    Like I said, not ideal, and Apple does need to give us a reader for iBooks on the macbook.  But this may help some....

  • AJSingerStudios Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you Scott!  That is helpful.

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    Reworded for Macbook, iTunes, and iPad feature enhancement/software and hardware compatibility feedback and submitted this to Apple at  I did not see iBooks listed as an Apple iOS app for direct feedback.


    In addition to backing up and syncing through iTunes, please provide the ability to seamlessly open and read iBooks (a.k.a. Apple iBook Textbooks and interactive ebooks and other epub/pdf content saved in iBooks) and content purchased through the iBookstore on MacOS computers, not just iOS devices.  While the new MacbookPro with retina display and other systems are essential for various computing tasks, referencing and reading books without shifting to another device is a major purchasing and productivity factor. I can currently do this with Amazon, Google, VitalSource, and Nook books.  The ability to seamlessly move between reading books on an iOS device, MacOS computer, or within a Web browser and have integrated highlighting, notes, social sharing and other features sync between all three is highly desirable.  Without this option, I will generally need to purchase books and other content from these sources or directly from the publishers, but not Apple.


    Thank You.

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    There is as you may know, a Kindle book App in the MAS.   Whether this can be adapted, I don't know.

  • seventy one Level 6 (13,308 points)

    Sorry.   Just realised the above may not be appropriate.   I was remembering the ability to read books purchased from Amazon ... something you clearly know about.


    Hope you get something more useful soon.

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    I just submitted a feedback under the iTunes category

    coz what we're hoping is for the desktop itunes to get the iBook feature


    this is outrageous and ought to be fixed

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    100% agree. Still very frustrated about this.

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