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I changed the email for my apple ID but the email for my iMessage is the old one, and because that ID doesn't exist  i can't log in. Now my iMessage is useless on my iPad.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.0.1
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    I copied this paragraph from this article



    Some folks have been asking if you have to give out your Apple ID to others to use iMessage, and the answer is no. If you don’t want to give up your Apple ID, you can attach other emails to your iMessage account. Just go to your Settings app – Messages – Receive At – Add Another Email. Once you add an email address, Apple will verify it by sending you an authorization link. Once it shows as verified in the Settings app, you can start receiving messages at the new address. Just make sure you do this on all of your devices that you wish to receive iMessages on.


    I dont use iMessage but I think that you should be able to associate the second email address with iMessage and start using it instead of the old one.

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    Thank you for the reply, but my problem is i cant get on to the iMessage app, because when i turn it on, it asks me to sign in with the old email (which doesnt exist any more) so i cant log in, to change the email it uses to recieve messages. Its just stuck with the imessage application turned off. and i cant get into the settings.

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    I'm sorry but like said, I don't use the app, but I know that you can associate another email address to it.


    I'm sure you have tried this but just in case - - did you try using the old email address just to open the app and see if you can then make changes?

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    As unbelivable as it may seem. The solution is to type the wrong password in to the login screen several times until the device decides it will let you change the user id.

    Apple stupidity gone to the extreme.

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    Try opening the Messages app on your iPad. Since you've changed your Apple ID and the old e-mail address is no longer valid, the Messages app should prompt you to login with another Apple ID to use iMessage. Once you see this prompt, you should be able to update your Apple ID login info to use the new e-mail address associated with your Apple ID.


    On a side note, I recently changed the e-mail address associated with my Apple ID. On my iPad, I discovered that I couldn't change the Apple ID associated with my iMessage account from Settings > Messages and instead had to open the Messages app to change the Apple ID used for iMessage. What's interesting is that this procedure differs from the iPhone, where you can change your Apple ID for iMessage from the Settings app.


    Note: These directions are for the Messages app in iOS 5 for iPad.

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    Perfectly awesome. Thanks!

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    But, how did you access to Messages prefs in your iPad?