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So I thought it would be a good idea to use an AppleTV to Receiver via optical to stream music from our ipad or Macbook.  No TV.  The problem I have (besides the quality of the sound which I'm not sure if that's the iPad or ATV/Airtunes) is that it keeps stuttering.  Starts and stops and will sometimes then just go on to the next song.  It's pretty regular but sometimes will start up after it's been playing for a couple of songs.


At first I thought it was an issue with our wifi (airport extreme) being too far away from both the ipad and the ATV. (airport is downstairs) So I bought an airport express to use as a bridge.  Then when upstairs (in theory) the ipad and appletv would be on the bridge.  Same problem though.   Sometimes I think an AppleTV restart helps but I can't really be sure.


Any ideas? 


At this point I can just use the Airport Express instead of AppleTV which I will test next.


Also, does anyone know if streaming from iPad to AppleTV or AirportExpress is just a bad idea from a sound quality standpoint anyway.  Is it at least CD quality?



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    This sounds very suspicious of either a wifi LAN bandwidth issue or wifi interference.


    I used to get stuttering playing from macs to Express until I changed router (or perhaps it was teh channel settings) - microwave was a common cause of interference.


    Current Express maxes out at CD quality 16 bit 44.1 kHz.


    AppleTV2 apparently upsamples to 16 bit 48 kHz fro some odd reason.


    I don't think we know enough about Airplay internal working to know if it preserves audio quality or adapts to lower speeds by downgrading quality.  In theory I would expect it to preserve CD quality from lossless rips but there are many factors at play.


    An option I would consider would be hooking up the Macbook to the reciever via optical/Toslink to miniToslink, then using the iPad Remote app to control itunes on the Macbook.


    Add something like BitPerfect app, Fidelia or Audirvarna app into the eqaution to improve the sound quality if uisng analogue out instead.  Not tried to see if it improves optical jitter.



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    Thanks AC


    I'll see if I can test the interference theory.  Maybe setting the channel as well.


    I used to have a mini to serve up music direct to receiver via toshlink... my wife is constantly adding new music to her MBPro though and that extra step to keep the mini up to date with her new music just wasn't working out.   So I was looking for the best setup where she can play direct from her ipad and MBPro easily and not have to sit next to the receiver but also with decent sound. 


    From a sound quality standpoint with a decent receiver and good set of Bose bookcase speakers, I'm really not impressed with the sound from either ATV or Airport Express with the source being iPad 1 or MB Pro.  I'm going to have to compare using a toshlink from MBPro to receiver to rule out the receiver/speakers next. 



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    When you added the express, did you set it up to bridge the network or as an extended WDS network.

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    Hey Winston


    You know, you're right.  My bad.  I extended it not a bridge.  I put the Airport express upstairs but half way between the Extreme and the AppleTV. 



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    There have been quite a few reported issues with people using WDS and the Apple TV, are you able to bridge the network with the express.

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    I've never tried it with bridge mode.  I'll give it a shot are report back. 


    So if I have the express upstairs in bridge mode (joining the network downstairs which has the modem) will a user connected to the express upstairs have an internet connection?  Sorry if that's a dumb question. Haven't used bridge mode before.



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    Yes it should have.