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Final Cut Pro 7 had a Restore Project option, that allowed you to restore your project by going back every half-hour or every hour. The program would bring up your project from the autosave vault. This was an extremely valuable feature to many editors. This feature appears to no longer exist in the updated Final Cut Pro X. Why would this feature be removed? Is it hidden somewhere? It is such a simple feature to implement, yet so valuable. Apple didn't screw this up did they?


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    As far as I know it is no longer available.


    The nearest thing to it is what has appeared in 10.0.3  .  .  .  the Backup.


    If you look in your Project folder you will see a new folder entitled "Backup".


    This saves a copy of your project every 15 minutes but unfortunately it also deletes the previous one.


    So there is only one backup, which is great if your project suddenly hands in the dinner pail but not not much use if you want to revert to what you were doing yesterday.


    It's a pity someone can't write a bit of code to give you the option of not deleting each Backup.

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    Pretty amazing that Apple removed this feature. Steve Jobs would have fired them all. RIP.