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    You need to resubmit your book with the preview attached. Duplicate the book in iBooks Author using the file menu option 'Duplicate' and then save that second copy someplace. Make sure you don't edit the original file. Now go into the copy and decide which sections you want to remove. You leave in place only the pages you want available in the free sample preview. The length and choice of what to include in the sample is up to you. I recommend a complete chapter. If a novel, go for chapter one. If a textbook or guide, choose whichever chapter you feel is most appealing to the prospective buyer, in order to tempt them to buy.


    That done, you export the copy to your desktop - don't use Publish.


    Now begin the process of resubmitting your original, complete book using Publish in iBooks Author. When the iTunes Producer window pops up allowing you to fill in ISBN and other data, there's a tab where you'll find two square windows. In the left one is the actual book file being sent to Apple. You drag and drop (or click to find the file in your directories and choose) your preview sample into that second window.


    You'll now see two iBooks icons in those windows, representing the sample and complete iBook.


    When you then publish, iTunes producer will bundle preview and book together. It will report errors in both the book and sample, if there are any, at the time of upload.


    I really recommend you do download the PDFs from the iTunes Connect website after logging in. The information is all there in the documentation Apple provides. These documents can appear intimidating in scope but focus on what you're looking for.

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    Thank you so much for this. Did as you say and am so close...


    I keep getting a series of errors and have been attempting to fix them. The first was "ERROR ITMS-9000 OPS/content2.xhtml" that referenced a specific page. Reformatted that page and re-delivered only to get hit with this error:


    "OPS/ibooks.ncx(5): 'p67': fragment identifier is not defined in 'OPS/content6.xhtml'" at Book (MZItmspBookPackage).


    p67 is a glossary item so I deleted and re-delivered. It again referenced p67. So frustrated (but appreciative of your help). Any other ideas on this would be most welcome. Thanks.

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    My iBook get at last green light

    And it s in the store and this after one month

    It is a 15 pages but I m happy

    Hope for all free book here to get accepted

    Thanks very much for the forum and help

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    Congrats!  Our book has been sitting there for exactly a month so I'm hopeful based on your message. 

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    What is the title?


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    Thanks very much Archiever 2010

    Hope the green light for you


    James the tite of my i book is


    monter a cheval


    it s in french

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    Finally got the greenlight last night for my book: Financial Literacy for the Young (and the Young at Heart)


    Dan Otter

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    It doesn't seem to be consistent at all.  I'm sure they are doing their best with the number of submission that they are recieving.  I'm 3 days out, and confident it should be approved within the 10 day timeframe thye claim in the FAQs. 


    Good luck everyone! 

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    Dan and Alzem,


    I have your books and look forward to reading them.


    I am going to propose in a new post that forum members who have succeeded in getting their book published reply with the book's name so the rest of us can easily find and download/buy them. I will be interested in learning from the experts and supporting those of us who are not so expert.



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    20 days and counting. Unknown issues in 4 stores, contacted apple 20 days back and still no response. I have no idea what to do now.

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    Two weeks for me so far, which is still an unacceptable length of time to be left hanging without any feedback from Apple. If the company could just say how long the process is going to take, it would help. Someone said the FAQ says "10 days" but I can't find it and even if it does say that somewhere, it's patently untrue.


    This is not a good experience for authors. It doesn't matter how great iBooks Author is, I won't publish another book by this route until I hear from others that the experience has substantially improved.

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    Otterpops, I am at a loss on those errors. I had some stupid errors too - notably, iTunes Producer refused to accept sound files that were perfectly placed and entirely correct. It insisted they were outside a widget, which they were not, and that they were a particular incompatible file format, which they were not. So I removed them in the end. It is somewhat galling when a piece of software for creating and uploading books with multimedia content refuses to upload them with multimedia content due to what absolutely must be a breathtakingly daft bug in the software.


    I can only suggest you either wait interminably long for someone at Apple to reply, which might not happen, or completely delete and rebuild the pages that are being thrown back to you as containing errors. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful, I and almost every other author in these forums is as much in the dark and equally frustrated.


    Maybe you could try reinstalling iBooks Author, deleting its preference files first but making sure your content is backedup? That's just a shot in the dark, though - kind of like banging an old-style TV to get better reception, it sometimes works.

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    So far we only got 4 books approved, 10+ of our books are still waiting after 1 month. Yes, this is really unacceptable and our company is already considering leaving iBookstore.

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    I have two books submitted and waiting, one now for a month. This really ***** especially if a book has time sensitive information. What's the point if the book comes out two month later.

    Apple seemed to anticipate the big demand for the new iPad. Did they not expect the flood of new book submissions after releasing such an amazing product like iBooks Author?


    One guy, responsible for the book approval, sitting in the basement of Apple headquarters, back logged for a year and now he called in sick?


    It is really frustrating.


    BTW. How serious is Apple about this new book iBooks standard anyway? They introduced it with big fanfare in New New but don't have a proper name for it (Multi Touch, iBooks2, ...). No way to search for those enhanced books in the iBookstore. Is  this just another hobby?


    And what's up with the update-procedure. I'm reading here that the book will be offline during an update-approva-reviewl? You send your potential customers to the iBookstore and when they get there (sometime) they can't find your book because you just might be in a new approval cycle? Doesn't have Apple enough money to hire competent people to dream up a better solution than that?

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    I have a follow-up to Edgar's last post. For those who have succeeded in having your ibook published, how, without knowing your name or the title, would someone browsing for books on the web find your book? This is a serious question.



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