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how to edit songs names?

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    Highlight the track.

    File > Get Info

    Type in new information


    In List View (maybe others too - I only use list)

    Click on name and let cursor sit for few seconds until text is highlighted and feild is activated.

    Type in new informaiton.

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    Thanks Limnos.


    For some old CDs, GetInfo does not allow any typing in those boxes.  I cannot even edit the already existing text.  Is there any way to edit/enter text in these boxes?.


    I have reloaded the original CD but still the problem remains same.  I guess may be it is due CD's formatting style.

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    Okay, now you're providing specifics.


    Nothing to do with CD formatting.  Audio CDs do not contain track information other than generic basic (track1, track2, etc).  Your computer has a database that associates information on CDs you have inserted that is garnered from a central database (Gracenote).  Are you trying to change that information, or are you trying to change information in files you may have ripped?  And I take it this is an audio CD and not a mp3CD?



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    Sorry for not being very clear in the first place.


    I am trying to change the information in files that I have ripped (and imported into iTunes).


    Yes, it is an MP3CD with 60 tracks or so.



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    Okay, so you dragged the files from the CD into an empty iTunes Playlist?  Now you're having problems editing some, or is it all?  Have you checked that the files that are presenting problems aren't locked or have special permissions issues?  In Finder get info on a file and check if it is locked and that you have write permissions (near the bottom) .  You are sure they are all MP3?

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    I opened the original file in 'Finder' and under 'GetInfo' found that the locked box was checked.  I looked near the bottom of GetInfo for write permission but all are grey (means I do not have permission). 


    However, by unchecking the locked box, I was able to do all types of editing of the file in the iTunes.  So my problem is solved and all my MP3 songs CDs can be used now.


    Thank you very much for you assistance.  Much appreciated.

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    My version of this problem:


    1. Purchased "Opening Titles" from SHERLOCK tv soundtrack on iTunes.

    2.  Renamed it "Sherlock Opening Titles" from within iTunes (by clicking twice, not by using Get Info). Definitely was in iTunes.  Did NOT screw around with folders or names in Finder mode.

    3.  Added song to a playlist called "TV Faves" which I maintain alphabetically (by song name). 

    4.  Couldn't find it under S!!!!  Instead, it's under O. There it sits... "Sherlock Opening Titles"... right between "One Day at a Time" and "Outer Limits."  How do I make iTunes recognize the changed song name?




    Intel Core i5

    Mac 10.6.8

    iTunes 11.0.1