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I am having difficulty in setting up my airport express

AirPort Express 802.11n (1st Gen), iOS 5.0.1
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    Sorry, but you have provided no information to help us help you.


    What are you trying to get the AirPort Express to do?


    What happens when you try?


    What device are you using to configure the AirPort Express?

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    I want to set up my airport express to play music from my ipad wirelessly using my home wifi to speakers. However I am difficulty in setting up airport express and can't seem to get airport utility on my pc to see it. Base line setting up first to get connected to my wifi!

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    The Express provides a wireless network with a name like Apple Network xxxxxxx. You have to log on to that network first...no password is required...then open AirPort Utility.


    Rather than configure the Express using wireless, you can temporarily connect an Ethernet cable from your PC to Express and configure it that way.


    If AirPort Utility still cannot see the Express from your PC, you may need to turn of the Windows Firewall or adjust the firewall settings, as this is likely blocking the connection attempt.


    Or, you can download the AirPort Utility App for the iPad from the App Store. It's free.

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    How do I log onto the Express wireless network?Can it be done through laptop/pc or IPad?

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    The same way that you would log on to a wireless network at the coffee place. Select the network that you want to join and enter the password.


    In this case, since there is no security on the Apple Network xxxxxx that the Express is broadcasting, a password is not needed.


    Might be easier to do this with the iPad.


    Did you you download AirPort Utility for the iPad?

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    My problem is that neither the windows laptop nor iPad recognises the express. When I first bought it my iPad (1) recognised straightaway but I set up a new network and when I tried to change it to work off my home wifi, airport utility on my laptop changed the network but then lost the express. I then reset the express but neither will now recognise the network. I haven't tried my pc utility as I need to connect the Ethernet cable as you said. So I think the problem is getting to recognise the express network and then go from them there. Any suggestions please?

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    I then reset the express but neither will now recognise the network.

    As i mentioned, the Windows Firewall on the PC may be blocking the connection attempt, or the Anti-Virus can do the same thing. You have to get into those settings to check.


    I haven't tried my pc utility as I need to connect the Ethernet cable as you said.

    This is easier to do than trying to use wireless.


    I do not understand why you cannot re-configure the Express using AirPort Utility on the iPad once the Express has been reset. Does that not work?


    Are you sure that you reset the Express correctly?  You need to perform a Factory Default Reset.


    Resetting an AirPort Base Station or Time Capsule FAQ

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    When I set up when first bought the iPad set it up in the wifi window, but that hasn't at all this time. I thought I had factory reset the express but will try again.

    The airport utility on ipad (an App) only shows the Internet and the express symbols with a box showing settings but no other section to do anything. Hence I tried transferring from my new network set up on iPad at first, to the home wifi, on my laptop using airport utility, which worked in changing wifi but then couldn't then recognise the express.

    Hence I want to start again!

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    On the iPad tap Settings, then tap Wi-Fi


    Over to the right, if the Express has been reset correctly, you will see a heading Set up an AirPort Base Station, tap AirPort Express.


    AirPort Utility will take a moment to suggest a configuration. You can accept that or tap Other Options and then Next to indicate those options and accept the one that you want.

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    It worked! Thank you very much for your help!