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In the past few days I have downloaded some movies through iTunes, some through iTunes purchases and some by entering the digital copy codes that came with DVDs/Blu-rays.  When I try to sync these items with my iPad, I get a message that they cannot be synced.  When I try to create an iPad version through the advanced menu, I get a message that they cannot be found.  When I try to watch them on my MacBook using iTunes, I get a message that the movie requires QuickTime, which is not compatible with this version of iTunes.


How can I get these items to play and sync?  They work if I open iTunes in 32-bit mode, but this is an annoying workaround.  Plus, the iTunes support article says this is only necessary for "older media files" -- these are not old media; I just downloaded them.  What is Apple doing selling files that are incompatible with its current version of iTunes?  If I had known I had to go through such trouble to get them to play, I probably would not have bought them in the first place.

iTunes 10.5.3, Mac OS X (10.7.3)