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I keep several encrypted disk images in the Dropbox folder on my laptop. Can I use File Vault to encrypt the laptop when it contains these already encrypted .dmg and .sparsebundle files? Or will this double encryption harm them?


(These folders need to be individually encrypted to reside in an encrypted form on the Dropbox server. If I unencrypt them and use only File Vault, then when I'm on the computer and File Vault is off, the folders will sync to Dropbox in their unencrypted form. I want to keep these folders individually encrypted for security on the Dropbox server, then use FIle Vault on top of that to secure the rest of my laptop in case of theft).

Airport Extreme, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    xosa wrote:

    ...will this double encryption harm them?


    No harm.  (you can even add an encrpted disk image to another encrpted disk image -- the system only sees 0's & 1's)