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I'm a Picasa user. but now I've switched to Aperture.

I loved to manage my contacts's photo. because it could sync my google contacts up.


but one thing I coundn't figure out.


the aperture won't update the contact's photo after I tag my friends faces in aperture.


I have to go manually to the address book. hit edit and double click the picture then chose from 9 of them one by one.

this could driver people crazy! I have hundreds of contacts. How could I go one by one?


is there a command in aperture update all contact's photo just like in Picasa? (One click all google contact's photo updated.)




and I got another question is

the relationship between address book and facebook contact.


for example

I have a guy named "Jim LEE" in address book

and I have a friend named "Jim Lee" on facebook


Actually there are the same person.

but aperture will recognize them as two person. I can't merge them!


All I have to do is rename the Jim LEE to Jim Lee in my address book. them aperture will recognize them as same person.


but I don't want to do that. Becasue Not all my facebook friends are english people. their name may not be English lettlers!

I can't type!


So I've tried to put facebook emial in my contacts but it just doesn't work.

any idea?

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.3)