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To change project properties in FCPX you click the wrench icon, which brings up a window to select 720p, 1080p, etc as well as frame rate. The problem is, there are no options in the dropdown for the frame rate in all of my projects, it chooses one automatically (seemingly arbitrarily) and you can't change it.


I thought that when the progam says it would detect the properties of the first clip and adjust the project properties to match, it would actually do that (maybe I should have known better). So I imported my standard 1080p 29.97fps footage from my Canon 7D and then FCPX automatically set the project properties to...720p at 24fps. Curious, no? No problem, I thought, I'll just go to Project Properties and manually correct FCPX. But it was not to be, as FCPX had decided to give me only one  option in the frame rate selection: 24p. But no, I thought, I would very much like my properties to be 29.97 so as to match my footage. But FCPX did not agree with this, and would not change its mind.


Has anyone found a solution to this?


Do any pros still use Final Cut Pro?





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    You can't change the timebase of a project once you have video in it. You have select everything in the project, cut it out. Go to project properties and then change the timebase. Then you can paste the clips back into the timeline.


    Was the video clip the very first thing you added to the timeline?


    Use reveal in finder to see go to the media file. Open it in the QuickTime player and report what it says in the movie inspector.

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    The properties for every single clip in the project, including the first one, are as follows: 1920x1080, 29.97fps. I've checked them again and again. I shoot all of my footage with these properties, and never deviate. I don't believe I have single clip on any of my hard drives at 720p 24fps.


    I hope this helps resolve this issue with the software,



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    And the very first thing you put into the empty project was a video clip?


    If the project is not set to custom, I haven't seen this fail.


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    It may be possible that a .jpg was the first thing in the project, which may explain the seemingly random properties (why wouldn't they just make it default to a more common setting like 1080p 29.97?) but I digress.


    And it's a very stupid move to revoke the ability to change project properties while clips are in the project, that makes no sense.


    I'm begining to think that Apple has really failed with this new version of Final Cut; and I've been using Final Cut for years. I am debating switching to Premiere, but I will give FCP X a bit more time to redeem itself.



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    You can change the properties; you just can't change the timebase. This has always been the way every version of FCP has worked. I don't know if you can change the timebase of sequences in Premiere either after clips are in them.