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I loaded some music CDs onto my PC. Can I move them from PC to my IPad 2? If so how?  I loaded the CDs into ITunes on PC and when synced with IPad I saw them on the  IPad, but once the PC was disconnected here seems to be no music on my IPad. How or canons move music ? Other than hat u purchase? can editing be done onIPad if music is moved there? IE deleting songs from list?

Windows 7
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    If you import the music into iTunes you can sync it to the iPad. You have to select the music to sync in the Music Tab in iTunes - when the iPad is connected to the PC - and with iTunes running.


    You can tap and hold down on an album icon in the music app and an X will pop up. Tap the X to delete the album. You can also swipe across a song in a list and the red delete button will pop up. Tap the red delete button to remove the song from the iPad.

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    Am connected to my PC

    I see the ITunes page, and the 20 songs listed on my PC that I put there from my CDs

    Down the left side of the iTunes menu under "library" 1st is music which is highlighted and to the right is my list of sounds on 2 albums, but not sure what to do nex?

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    Do not look at the library on the left. You want to use the iTunes window on the right - after you select the iPad. This illustrates how to select the iPad. In this screenshot I marked it iPod but it works the same way for the iPad.


    Sync again.jpg


    1. Click on the iPad's name on the left side of the iTunes window - under devices - in order to select your iPad.
    2. Then click on the Music Tab in the window on the right side
    3. Find the songs in the music section 
    4. Click on the boxes next to the songs - or click on the album or playlist that the songs are in
    5. Make sure that the Sync Music heading is selected at the top of the tab
    6. Click on Apply in the lower right corner.


    You can read this as well for more help.



    Sync Music.jpg


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    OMG it worked, many many thanks.  Just a bit more

    When I load another album onto oc and am ready to send it to iPad, I see the ones listed that I already sent, do I untick them and just tick the latest to go to iPad?  also, I see ."artists" as well as "albums" what's the difference? Is all the music in both?

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    Do not untick the music that you have already put on the iPad or it will remove it from the device. Leave that stuff ticked. But even if you do remove it, you can always sync it back to the iPad again.


    If you tick an artist in that section and you have 30 songs by that artist in iTunes - it will sync all of those songs to the iPad and they will appear in a playlist on the iPad. You can select an entire album to sync as well by selecting an album in the iTunes window. They are just different ways to sync and categorize your music.


    Don't be afraid to experiment. If you remove something accidentally when you sync, just select the content again and then sync. When you make changes to the iPad's configuration - the sync button in the lower right corner turns into the Apply button. Click on that to apply the chnges you make to your sync configuration and the iPad will sync - as you just found out.

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    thank you so much, I am new to IPad and have never owned Apple, but love it......just. Bit diff from PC.

    A grateful techno grandm as my granddaughter calls me

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    You are quite welcome. Enjoy your iPad.

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    Just to say thanks - had similar query :


    https://discussions.apple.com/message/24589723?ac_cid=op123456#24589723?ac_cid=o p123456


    This came up in a "more like this" and it gave me the answer - very very grateful!