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Hi...we have an iPad 1, iPhone 4S, iPod touch from 2010 and new iPod Touch yesterday.


I have not set up the new iPod Touch yet...but all the other devices are using the same Apple ID so I can buy apps and allow all my devices to get the apps installed for free.  Great.


How can I set up my new iPod Touch to use the same Apple ID and also do Facetime?  If I use the same Apple ID I would think that my other devices would start to ring when I try to Facetime.  No?


If you know how to do this, can you please reply and give exact steps?


Thanks so much in advance.



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    I found the answer by a bit of trial and error:


    1)create a new email address such as a Gmail account

    2)go to the new iOS device and add it to Facetime and Messages as a method for people to reach you

    3)in Facetime and Messages, remove the original email address (likely your Apple ID)


    5)In order for Messages to work 100% properly, you need to power off the iOS device, then power it back on.

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    You are doing great. By the way, you still can use the "old" Apple ID in Settings > Store, so you can share your purchases.

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    A useful trick:


    Use only one gmail address for all devices by adding a "+" after your name:








    Then disclose these emails for your friends to call you.


    Gmail interprets everything after + as belonging to the johndoe@gmail.com address. All the confirmation emails will end up in the same root email.

    With this trick you can set up individual contact ids for each device, without the hassle of creating a bunch of new  emails.


    Remember that the Apple ID email, the one used for purchases, is a completely different thing.

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    Doesnt work for me. Created a new Gmail account and confirmed it. When I attempted to use myname+new device@gmail.com on my stepdaughters iTouch, it asked me to verify the +newdevice using my apple account. Would not recognize it having the + in the name at apple.


    The reason for trying this is that both my daughter and step daughter each have an iTouch set up and registered using my apple ID and email. When they text me, my name shows up as the Sender,  as if I am texting myself, not their names.  Can figure out how to make it show their names.

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    Never use tricks if you want carefree solution. You should try to work with the system than work around it.

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    @dutra - Your suggestion worked like a charm. I have two options setup under my daughter's name in Facetime: Touch and iPAd. All I need to do is choose which I want to call. Easy-peasy.


    @jeffreyfromorillia - This advice may be too late... But, register each device using your ID, as you should. Once this is complete do the following:


    1 - Go to SETTINGS on device A

    2 - Choose FACETIME

          - here you'll see your ID in the account field -- ignore it/leave it there.

         - below you'll see the email field, enter your daughter's email addy (you don't have to worry about the "+XXX"      unless she has more than once device because it applies only to the multiple device scenario)

         - IF you have used your email addy in the email field, click on Add Another Email and enter daughter's addy      here, then go back and choose your email addy and click remove


    You are good to go. Repeat same steps for your stepdaughter's device.


    If either girl has multiple devices you want to Facetime, follow steps 1 and 2, and in the email field click on Add Another Email and enter - daughtersemail+iPod@gmail.com - then go back and delete orignal email entered. Do same for second device - daughtersemail+ipad@gmail.com, remembering to delete orginal email here, too.


    On your device go to Facetime and edit contact - it prolly shows HOME / WORK / OTHER, click on it and choose CUSTOM, name it iPod, then enter the NEW email "daughtersemail+ipod@gmail.com" and do same for second device, customizing the field to read iPad, or whatever you choose... Now you should have two options to choose from for contacting Girl 1. Repeat for Girl 2.


    Hope this works for you, it worked out splendidly for me.



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    @Dutra:  Thank you!  Works great!

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    Hi. I have problems

    I have iphone6 (8.4) and iphone4 (6.1) sharing same AppleID

    Within FaceTime settings:

    On one device I have set original email address (same as AppleID), on the new device I have added email (a gmail account) and removed the original email

    When I initiate a call (Wifi) - either side - it shows: Connecting and then communication stops immediately


    On FaceTime sttings there is more, below 'add new email': Caller ID and something like ' you can be reached on' and then telephone numbers of BOTH devices...Can anyone explain? Tnx

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    - When you use the same ID on different devices the entries for the You can be reached at will be the same, If you have two phones each device will list both phone numbers as well as the Apple ID email address.

    - You should be able to uncheck or delete the phone number for the other device and may be able to uncheck the Apple ID email address.

    - Also, y have to make sure that for the person you are call (the other phone) you are using a calling number/email address that it not on the device originating the call; you can't call yourself. Yo may have to edit the contact of the person to be called to delete phone number.emaill address that is on the sending device.