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I just had a very frustrating experience with Airport Express. I received one today and I have tried to install it in my living room. I want to plug it to a panasonic stereo so I can enjoy music from my iphone or my computer.


I expected the device to work out of the box. It didn't. I have tried for a few hours to change different settings in my network and airport express without success.

Airport Utility looses Airport Express. It just disappears. I'd have to reset it so I can access it again.


My adsl router is a Zyxel P660HN. I eventually set it to channel 1 (other wifi networks in my neighbourhood use channels between 6 and 11). It's set to work on g only, 20mhz width. All those are recommendations from other forums.


I've set the Airport Express to access an existing network, since all I want it to do is make my stereo "smarter".


And here's the frustrating thing. If I try and connect to it via iTunes on my macbook pro (running Lion with latest updates as of February 14th) I get a 15006 error. Then the Airport Express disappears from iTunes.


So I try again. This time I wire an ethernet cable to the Airport Express. Everything works fine. I can use iTunes with Airplay. Even my iPhone 4S works. Blissful Apple world.


Then I disconnect the ethernet cable. Phone still works. Itunes on macbook pro doesn't anymore. Then the speakers disappear again on iTunes. Airport Utility can't find Airport Express anymore...


Does anyone know how I can make it run? Without powercycling every two hours or resetting it every day. I've spent the last three hours on forums with all kinds of tips and tricks. None works. I wish I could just set and forget the thing...


I'm open to any feedback.





AirPort Express 802.11n (1st Gen)
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    why not use an apple tv to connect to your tv and your stero system.

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    Buying an apple tv solves error 15006?

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    I solved my problems. My tech world is peachy again.


    The problem came from the ZyXel Router. Thank god I didn't have to buy another device to solve it


    Basically my router didn't allow for multicast. It was disabled. All I had to do was enable it under LAN Settings -> Advanced. Then Disable IGMP Snooping under Wireless LAN -> Advanced.


    It also solved my problem with Bonjour (hey... of course, since Bonjour uses multicast ) . Now my Linux Server annouces his services all the time


    I guess other routers also disable multicast as default. You may look there if you're experiencing the same issue. And I almost sent the Airport Express back !



    Original link to the forum where I found the solution :

    http://gothick.org.uk/2010/05/16/getting-the-apple-iphone-remote-app-working-wit h-a-zyxel-router/

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    Had I only found this solution weeks ago. The hours I could have saved. As soon as I turned on multicast on my router everything is working fine. No disconnects, no skipping.


    I am using an asus rt-n56u router but it is appears that not having multicast enabled was causing my woes.



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    I have the same router and I keep on experiening disconnects even after neabling multicat. Can you please share the exat seetings that you have changed to make your Apple TV work?

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    Good to hear it solve it for you.


    I have an Orange Brightbox router, can't find the settings for Multicast or IGMP snooping, any idea?

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    Got this fix from anothe rpost and it worked for me - Thanks to oakmontoz I changed the channel to 4 (on my router) and I stopped getting the 15006 error. Would love to know why, but at least I can now stream music again...

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    the sollution described doesnt work.



    I have wifi router  huawei HG622u    , IGMP v1/2 enabled with IGMP proxy, with ipv6 enabled. Then laptop with fresh install of itunes 11 ( before install I removed bonjour). At the bottom is attached part from the airportexpress log.



    The behavior of the device is same.... it is connected, i can ping it, i can directly configure it - when i enter the ip address at airport utility... but device disappear from airport utility and itunes...



    Cant belive... that company like Apple has that "fauty" devices? Are we back in the 1990 or apple just want us to buy everything "apple"?






    Dec  5 20:51:535Joined BSS 20:2b:c1:98:ee:40
    Dec  5 20:51:545Installed unicast CCMP key for authenticator 20:2b:c1:98:ee:40
    Dec  5 20:56:565Clock synchronized to network time server time.apple.com (adjusted -2 seconds).
    Dec  5 20:59:105Connection accepted from [::ffff:]:52081.
    Dec  5 20:59:125Connection accepted from [::ffff:]:52082.
    Dec  5 20:59:205Connection accepted from [::ffff:]:52083.
    Dec  5 21:04:585Joined BSS 20:2b:c1:98:ee:40
    Dec  5 21:04:595Installed unicast CCMP key for authenticator 20:2b:c1:98:ee:40
    Dec  5 21:18:255Disconnected from network.
    Dec  5 21:18:255Joined BSS 20:2b:c1:98:ee:40
    Dec  5 21:18:265Installed unicast CCMP key for authenticator 20:2b:c1:98:ee:40
    Dec  5 21:23:265Disconnected from network.
    Dec  5 21:23:265Joined BSS 20:2b:c1:98:ee:40
    Dec  5 21:23:275Installed unicast CCMP key for authenticator 20:2b:c1:98:ee:40
    Dec  5 21:25:575Connection accepted from [::ffff:]:52606.
    Dec  5 21:25:595Connection accepted from [::ffff:]:52607.
    Dec  5 21:26:025Connection accepted from [::ffff:]:52608.
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    Sorry for mistake, IGMP snooping + proxy is turned off.