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  • tstancil Level 1 (0 points)

    Here's mine for a few days. Everything on phone set to wifi only. I'm not doing the cloud or music match. Usually the phone is plugged in charging and on my wifi network. A couple of times it was in my pocket and I could feel the phone getting really hot. One weird thing is I reset my usage statistics a few days ago. The ATT site says I've sent about 700mb in that time while my phone says I've only sent 11.2mb. I usually use 200mb\month. I'm up to 4g this month.



  • sdlmjs Level 1 (0 points)

    Having the exact issue.  I was instructed to turn my cellular data off. What kind of fix is that? 


    Now when I'm away from WIFI and use the cellular data I get messages that I'm in Data Roaming not connected to my providers data package.  Is anyone else having this issue in addition to the high data usage?

  • MacEdwinC Level 1 (0 points)

    Also have the Same issue only with iPhone 4 and 4s. Surprises to Spee cellulair usage while AM on fixed locaties with excellent Wifi Access.  Some small burst and big data over Wifi, nut also high cellulair data and small Wifi. 


    Use t-mobile in the Netherlands. Have bought unlimited Access, but AM not happy with the Phone using cellulair when not neccessay. Can it be aan app?


    Hoping they come up with a fix.

  • kandlhelms Level 1 (5 points)

    Not sure of your situation, but think I found my problem of excessive data consumption.   ITunes Match was turned on for 1 our of 4 phones in the family and that was the one eating data.  Since I turned it off, usage seems to have stopped.   At least for the last three days since flipping the switch.

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    Iphone 3GS. updated to iOS 6.0.1 Friday. Data usage until then about 300MB


    Sunday Morning around 4am. Phone incredibly hot even though connected to charger and home Wifi network. Usage exceeds 3GB for month and extra 3.5GB. Total usage in 12 hours 6.5GB.


    Sunday afternoon after receiving message from AT&T about excess data, turned off Cellular Data and 3G and limited to only Wifi.


    Monday evening 2GB cellular data. Total data usage in 2 days 9GB????? W/T/F ???


    Even when 3G and cellular data is turned OFF, 2GB used up?


    Now, turned OFF Cellular data and Wifi and using it as a regular phone with texting and calling. Maybe will buy a regular phone and be done with all these useless charges. Someone should be held accountable here.



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