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Hi there,


if I wanted to develop/author a iBook using iBooks Author, is there a way to deploy the book to a limited set of iPads without publishing to the iBooks store/iTunes?


For my case, this would mean that my book would need to deployed to ~30-40 iPads in a enterprise environment.


I have checked



but while both pages indicate that this should work, they don't tell me how this would work?


I have tried putting a .ibooks file on a webserver and opened this using safari on a iPad but this didn't work (it wasn't offering me to open the file in the iBooks app).


Any ideas?





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    Share an email to yourself, then email that to a group. They should be offered the opportunity to open w/iBooks 2.


    Check your server config - maybe if you zip it...

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    Thanks for your response KT.


    I have tried both (uploading as .zip and mailing as attachment) - didn't help. In both cases it wouldn't open the file in iBooks 2.

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    Does the file work on your computer, via iTunes, to your iPad? What is the file name suffix?

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    Dropping the .ibooks file on your web server should work if your devices are running 5.0 and have iBooks 2.0

    When you hit the resource link safari will display a white page while its downloading the file and when the file has been downloaded to the iPad it will prompt if you want to read the title in iBooks. I used this method for beta testing some of my titles.

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    Patrick your question has a verysimple answer.


    Anyone can create a free 5 GB BOX account with a 25 MB upload limit.

    Many iPad users already have a free 50 GB box account from special offer to Apple users last fall that allows any uploaded file to be up to 100MB


    Enterprise can buy larger accounts with more liberal limits.


    You place your iBook in your Box account and share either the folder where employees can download anything put there or just that one file alone. You email that link Box generates. The employee opens email sees the link, taps on it which opens Safari with a download icon for user to tap on.


    The file downloads and you are presented with the option of opening the file in iBooks.


    The empolyee now has their copy.


    Box has some neat features that allow you to restrict and control outside access to your files on a case by case basis.



    If the above image makes the trip this is what you would see if you open the following link in mobile Safari







    Does this help everyone to understand they can distribute iBooks that are without charge freely using a simple server arrangement like BOX?


    There are other cloud servers that work just as well like DropBox, just look around. All you need is a server that will present a file to Safari on the iPad. iBooks TextBooks do not currently open on the small screen iPhone or iPod only an iPad.


    BTW that link is to my very first iBook which is the Apple Help Documentation so you can get up to speed on using iBooks.


    I hope the above short post is something you like and find helpful. I really like the iBooks Author tool and wish all to take advantage of what Apple has created. iBooks are fun to create.


    Try each of the IA options and look at other iBooks and try to figure out what the creator did when they sat down with iBooks Author. Everyone will pick it up, it isn't that hard.

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    Hi guys,


    thanks for your responses.


    It turned out that the issue was that I had downloaded iBooks 2 AFTER having started Mail & Safari.

    This was why both Apps didn't offer to open the file in iBooks2.

    Solving this was as simple as restarting Safari and/or Mail. sigh...


    Thanks again.




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    Hi, hoping to get a little insight on a puzzling issue I'm having that is similar to this. I can't use Dropbox to distribute my .ibooks files, they need to be on a website, I've tried both zipping the file and using the itms-books:// prefix on the link. Both trigger iBooks, but the first asked to leave iBooks to complete the download and then fails, the second, triggers iBooks but then flips to the store rather then continuing the download. The same file downloads to ibooks just fine when I open it via email so I know this is just about getting iOS safari to pass it to iBooks. Any ideas? Thanks very much.

    Just updated the whole iPad and apps and restarted, same issues persist.

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    asenka you need to update the MIME types on your server. Add .ibooks to the list of MIME types and it will work.