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MacBook Pro6,2 mid April 2010

2.53 i5

OS 10.6.8


It's been almost a couple of weeks since I started noticing that my macbook pro's fan(s) have started making a continuous noise.

It is not the hard or over processing fan noise that we all more or less know. It is a continuous annoying "clicking" noise.

Untill recently, the above described little noise would fade out while I was using the machine. It was more noticable at the start up or during waking up from sleep mode. But now, it looks like it doesn't want to go away at all no matter how or for how long I use the laptop.

First, I adviced the forums and other support pages which suggested a few things like:

> check for printer pending jobs

> repair disk permissions

> check activity monitor for unusual tasks that might consume more power etc...

I checked all the above but the noise didn't go away.

In the end I had to open the back and then clean the dust gathered inside and around the fans.

The cleaning didn't change much for the fans noise.

It seem to me that I might have to change or uninstall the fans and oil the mechanism.

Does anyone have any idea about this issue?

I would appreciate any insight given

Thanks in advance

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Have you tried running the Apple Hardware Test?

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    SMC reset might help.


    Apple mentions in this article.



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    A 'clicking noise' suggest it may be a HDD issue. Do run the hardware west that shldr2thewheel suggests.  Also make certain that you have all of your data backed up and you might open Disk Utility and check out 'First Aid'.



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    thank you for your answers.

    No I haven't tried apple hardware test yet. It will be my next task.


    ...to ogelthorpe

    Hi. First aid shows everything is ok

    With all the respect, I'm now sure that the noise comes from both (or one) fans.


    To add to my first post, the computer's performance has not been affected and it hasn't shown any other processing slow-downs etc..


    Thank you

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    I also run the Apple Hardware Test (not the extended one). It found no problems at all.

    After that, it seems I've done everything it was suggested in the forums.

    More specifically:

    -Printer pending jobs.

    -Repair permissions.

    -Opened and cleaned the dust inside and around the fans.

    -Run Apple Hardware Test.

    So do you think I should go for fan replacement?

    Thanks again

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    As you probably know the fans are always engaged when you turn on your MBP.  Fan noise should only be prominent when you are running some intensive CPU processes.  If you hear this noise all the time, I would suggest you do address the fans.  Oiling them may not be a good idea.  Often such components are permanently lubricated and adding the wrong lubricant may do more harm than good.  Replacement would be the best strategy.