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Hi there,


I'm experiencing some problems with MCX records that aren't being updated properly.

The situation:


At first all access to the superdrive was restricted.

After that I changed it to only allow to read cds/dvds.


The problem:


Even with these settings set in WGM, the users still can't use their superdrives to read cds/dvds.

I tried restarting, holfing shift to refresh settings, ... but to no avail.


Could anyone help me with this please?

Users are using mobile accounts.



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Server
  • Gerard Frostad1 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Madmin

    Have you verified that the clients are seeing managed prefernces? If you go to the apple menu > About this Mac > More info ( or just open Utilities/System Profiler ) Near the bottom of the list under Software there is a "Managed Client" section. This should list all managed preferences that the client sees.  If the setting is listed here you know the client is getting the preference.  If you see nothing here then you need to find why.

    Not all settings can be managed by WGM in the "always" domain, maybe move it to "often" and see if it works there. The "often" domain is the one that is supposed to be the most compatible.

    If you are comfortable with the command line you can use "dscl" commands to see the actual MCX settings - sometimes the WGM GUI does not tell the "whole truth".