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This morning, an Update for Messages on OSX was announced.

I just downloaded the Beta and it is running quite well.


There is one last question!


How do you sync iMessage on iOS with Messages on OSX Lion.



I'm texting with Jana on my Mac - but I can't see this conversation on my iPhone / iPad even tho´ the email adress is added in my "iMessages-Settings" on iPhone/iPad.

I also can't start a conversation on my iOS devices and continue them on my Mac.


Anybody out there knowing what to do?



Best regards from Germany.




iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I have the same problem!

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    Me three! 

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    I just got it to work for me!


    Go to settings -> Messages -> recieve at -> caller ID:


    then switch between the phone number and email address and then switch back.


    I also tapped on Apple ID at the top.




    I'm not sure what part fixed it, but after doing that its working now!



    Hope this helps!



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    Mine just showed up simulataneously on my Mac and my iPhone no problem.


    The only real sync problem I had though was when I received/read a new message on my iPhone while the Messages window was still open on my Mac. The message was marked as read on my iPhone but the new message indicator (red circle with a 1 in it) stayed on in my dock, even after I had read the message on my Mac.

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    I contacted my son on his iPhone by his number.


    He did not have his email linked to his Apple ID

    When he did that he could message me with that ID rather then the phone number.



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    Figured it out. It just took me 30 minutes of waiting.


    Thanks everybody!

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    I've had an iPad/iPhone combo for over 7 months and eventually gave up too ... so I wrote this to help explain it on a step-by-step basis. Hope it helps =)


    iMessage Sync