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Will my MacBook Pro ryn the new Mountain Lion OS.

My specs are as follows:

Hardware Overview:


  Model Name:    MacBook Pro

  Model Identifier:    MacBookPro5,1

  Processor Name:    Intel Core 2 Duo

  Processor Speed:    2.53 GHz

  Number of Processors:    1

  Total Number of Cores:    2

  L2 Cache:    6 MB

  Memory:    4 GB

  Bus Speed:    1.07 GHz

  Boot ROM Version:    MBP51.007E.B05

  SMC Version (system):    1.33f8

  Serial Number (system):   

  Hardware UUID:    02E428C4-6BA9-5999-8F2D-59B2EFAAE77D

  Sudden Motion Sensor:

  State:    Enabled

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    It will run thte currently released Lion operating system.  There is no Mountain Lion.

  • wjosten Level 10 (94,210 points)

    AFAIK, these MacBook Pro's will not run Mountain Lion:


    Any Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook from late 2007 – late 2008 (Model Numbers: MB061*/B, MB062*/B, MB063*/B, MB402*/A MB403*/A MB404*/A, MB402*/B).

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    Ralph Landry1 wrote:

      There is no Mountain Lion.


    You might want to inform Apple about that:


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    But it is not available, only a sneak preview and full specs are not there yet...

  • Courcoul Level 6 (12,996 points)

    Here comes the Circus again.... Haven't even finished PAYING for the current version....

  • whitewater2 Level 3 (665 points)

    NOTE: This is the rumoured list that was on TUAW -models/

    Mountain Lion will only run on the following Macs:

    • iMac (mid 2007 or later)
    • MacBook (13-inch Aluminum, 2008), (13-inch, Early 2009 or later)
    • MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid-2009 or later), (15-inch, 2.4/2.2 GHz), (17-inch, Late 2007 or later)
    • MacBook Air (Late 2008 or later)
    • Mac Mini (Early 2009 or later)
    • Mac Pro (Early 2008 or later)
    • Xserve (Early 2009)

    This means the following Macs which are supported under OS X Lion will not be able to run Mountain Lion (model identifiers in parentheses):

    • Late 2006 iMacs (iMac5,1, iMac5,2, iMac6,1)
    • All plastic MacBooks that pre-date the unibody redesign (MacBook2,1, MacBook3,1, MacBook4,1)
    • MacBook Pros released prior to June 2007 (MacBookPro2,1, MacBookPro2,2)
    • The original MacBook Air (MacBookAir1,1)
    • The Mid-2007 Mac mini (Macmini2,1)
    • The original Mac Pro and its 8-core 2007 refresh (MacPro1,1, MacPro2,1)
    • Late 2006 and Early 2008 Xserves (Xserve1,1, Xserve2,1)
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    Whitewater: What's the source of your list? There are no system requirements for Mountain Lion on Apple's Mountain Lion site.


    If it's from one of the rumor sites, please don't post it as fact.

  • eww Level 9 (52,980 points)

    wjosten: Even if that list turns out to be correct, there are no Macbook Pros on it. Those are all Macbooks, not Pros.

  • whitewater2 Level 3 (665 points)

    Edited post to show that it was on TUAW, along with other sites. I also cautioned it was a "rumored" list. If you want me to delete, I will remove.

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    I understand the concern.


    I cannot wait until Apple posts the official system requirements.


    I own many Macs, but I am just not ready to give up my beloved MacBook Pro 5,1 as my primary notebook.


    I have purchased later MacBook Pros, but nothing compares to the original unibody. I hope that it can at least make it to Mountain Lion. It deserves that much.

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    I too have red on Twitter that certain Intel Core 2 Duo machines wont work as Mountain Lion will be too graphic intensive. It does list models numbers that seem to be affected, but mine isnt listed. It mentions MBP61 and mine is as shown a MBP51. I suppose this could be an error, I guess I will have to wait and see like many others.

    I have however downloaded the Beta of iMessage that is available to try, and that is currently working fine.

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    I think the 6,1 and 7,1 and up Macbook Pro's with Intel Core 2 Duo will be listed as compatible with Mountain Lion, but that Airplay Mirroring might not work with those models for it might be too graphic intensive. Again, this is all rough estimates and from others who have installed Mountain Lion already. Airplay mirroring is awesome, but its not a show stopper for me. I will be happy with my Mid-2010 Macbook Pro if Mountain Lion works fine without that function.

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