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I have a book created in Author to publish in spanish i want the chapter heading on the page to read Capitulo not chapter but it won;t let me change it how do i do that.



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    If Capitulo wil be used throughout the book, thenyou want to make the change on the master layout. Go to the View menu and select Show Layouts. Click on Layouts/Chapter in the sidebar and make your change. All your book chapters should now show Capitulo.


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    Thanks, great start what i had to do was insert text before the chapter item and then switch it to chapter number only from prefix and number.

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    Ok new problem


    the TOC has chapter instead of Capítulo....

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    I see what you mean. I am playing around with it right now. I'll report back ...  - Scout

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    Mark - Does what I say here make sense? I'm no expert on non-English uses of the Macintosh. - Fabe

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    I think you need to switch your system language to Spanish

    Or another option is to use "preface" instead of chapter (which is blank on the TOC page and also the black pop up title bar) and manually insert "Capitulo" on the master page,

    though the word "Capitulo" will not appear in the pop-up title bar, only the title of the chapter.

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    Yep  I was hoping to avoid doing that as i publish in several languages.  In other app you can specify the language of the text..


    I might try preface i use it eslewhere in the book

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    OK Great news I figured out how to change it on the TOC......


    Open the layout inspector


    go to the section where it shows the chapter layouts


    at the top of the layout menu there is a small table header which says Chapter (says Capitulo on mine now i changed it)   if you change that it changes the TOC........   whooohhooooo  and no need for a language change on the sytem..


    no only the porblem with borders to fix (another topic bug report sent to apple)


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    Great - BUT - what appears when you click on Table of Contents?  I ask because mine too says Capitulo in the Layout menu but not the ToC. - Fabe


    Wait !! I see what you mean -- actually click on that word chapter. Hey that's a great catch!

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    I was changing the "chapter" below the thumbnail, never thought to change the one above the thumbnail.


    which will in fact change it on the TOC page, but it doesn't change it on the pop-up title bar, it still say "Chapter"



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    this is what I mean by pop up title bar, which seems to always say "chapter" unless you use "preface" instead of "chapter" in the layout.


    But that was a great find Mark, I never thought to click on the "Chapter" above the thumbnail.