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Now that my daughter has iMessage I can not moniter who she is talking to that also has a iphone which is all her friends and others. It has something to do with unlimited texting which we pay for but there is still data somewhere right? just doesn't show up on my online phone book. They suggested she turn it off!  Well she is 16 and once out of my sight she can turn it back on at anytime. And I wouldn.t know because again the data doesnt show up!  Also she likes the iMessage. This is a HUGE parental control issue. On the old phone book it would come up as a number code for ipods and ipads but a name for iphone numbers now NOTHING!!!!!! Im more than frustrated.  They also suggest I BUY a 3rd party texting spy app. I dont think i should have too. HELP PARENTS LETS GET THIS FIXED!!!!!!

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    iMessage does not normally use the texting service of the iPhone; it's a separate service. Only if the recipient doesn't have iMessage will the message be sent via SMS. So even if you could by a "spy" app, it wouldn't do much good.


    I agree that there should be an option in the Restrictions to block iMessage, but it's not possible as of right now. You can comment to Apple on the issue if you wish:





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    There is a very simple solution... do not give the kid an iPhone.

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    Oh your so insightful. Why even respond.

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    Thanks Dave... so 3rd party spy ware wont work?  Glad I didn't waste my money.

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    If it would, in order to get it on the phone you will void the warranty and render it unsupportable by Apple or here.

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    @Diesel -- when Apple came out with IOS 5.0 all iPod Touches now have the ability to iMessage when on WiFi.  You do not need an iPhone.  I suppose your response could be adapted to not get your child an iPod but the fact remains it is an issue to concerned parents.  Many kids already had an iPod and now have the new OS.


    I have just purchased a new iPod for my daughter's Birthday.  She earned it.  I have yet to give it to her.  But I would like to restrict who can iMessage to her -- I trust her to send messages only to those in her contact list.    Is there a setting that ill pnly allow incoming iMessages from people in her contct list?  Just like you can do for email filtering?  Or is that built in already?

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    Sorry but no, there is no such restriction capabilities included unless I've completely missed something. Lack of restriction controls for iMessage is a serious oversight in iOS right now, in many people's opinions.