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Now that my daughter has iMessage I can not moniter who she is talking to that also has a iphone which is all her friends and others. It has something to do with unlimited texting which we pay for but there is still data somewhere right? just doesn't show up on my online phone book. They suggested she turn it off!  Well she is 16 and once out of my sight she can turn it back on at anytime. And I wouldn.t know because again the data doesnt show up!  Also she likes the iMessage. This is a HUGE parental control issue. On the old phone book it would come up as a number code for ipods and ipads but a name for iphone numbers now NOTHING!!!!!! Im more than frustrated.  They also suggest I BUY a 3rd party texting spy app. I dont think i should have too. HELP PARENTS LETS GET THIS FIXED!!!!!!