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I purchased my daughter a brand new Ipod Touch 4G last weekend.   When we connect the new Ipod Touch to my daughters computer, Itunes won't recognize her Ipod Touch.   However, I can attach her Ipod Touch to two other computers and it recognizes without problem.


When I plug in the Ipod touch to her computer, it makes a noise indicating it has recognized something is plugged in but nothing is recognized in Itunes.


And what is more strange is her computer will recognize four other Apple devices without problem (an I Phone 4G, an I Phone 3G, an I Pad 2 and a Ipod Touch 3G).


I have completely gone through the recommended Ipod Touch Trouble Shooting steps 4 times now and have no success with the Ipod Touch recognized on my daughters computer.   I have completely removed all the Apple software (Bonjour, Itunes, Apple, etc.) and reinstalled.     I have even removed the anti virus software and it didn't help.


I have also tried to completely erase the Ipod Touch holding down the Sleep Walk button and Home Button for 10 seconds.   After plugging in to her computer when indicated, I get an error message that the reset was not successful.


It is so strange that her computer recognizes 4 other apple devices without problem and her Ipod touch is recognized by 2 other computers without problem.   There has to be a specific reason that it won't work on my daughters computer.


Any suggestions beyond the Ipod Touch Trouble Shooting link?

iPod touch (4th generation), iOS 5.0.1