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Just wanted to put this out there in the forum because I can't find a link to report issues or provide feedback to their beta version of Messages for Mac:


If I start a message chat from my Mac using the Messages Beta to an iPhone user (sending messages to their phone number) and the user responds, the chat session appears on both my iPhone and Messages Beta.  (Works as I expected).


If I start a message from my iPhone to another user's iPhone (send to their phone number) the chat session only appears on my iPhone and not in Messages Beta on my Mac.  But, at a later time I send a message to that same person from my Mac, then the chat session sync with earlier chats.  (I know that Messages Beta is using only the email address and not the phone number so it would make sense why the syncing doesn't occur...Just wondering if Apple can find a way to use both fields so any messages can be received on  all devices whether someone is using an email address or phone number).


Just as a test, I sent one message to a a friend from my iphone using the phone number and they received it just fine.  Then I created another message, this time from my Mac (using Messages Beta and the phone nubmer as the contact), they received the message on their iPhone, but it created a seperate session on their iPhone. So they saw two sessions from me in iMessage on the iPhone. 


To get the messages to be synced on both my iPhone and my Mac, the initiaing user had to add my email address into their address book object, then create a new message sending it to my email address.  (Back to the suggestion above, if Apple can find a way to setup the iMessage or Message system to relate an email address to a cell phone number, then anyone initiating a message can use either a phone number or message from the iPhone and it'll send the messages to all devices).

Messages Beta, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
  • emobeinc_jnguyen Level 1 Level 1 (0 points) my test, when I create a message from Messages Beta, it does not sync all previous conversation in messages Beta..It just picks up from the last message, but it will bring it into the same session on my iPhone.

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    i'm having no luck syncing.


    looks as if i'm having two separate conversations to the same phone number, one from my mac, one from my iphone.

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    Me like there's two msging from my iphone, and one from Messages on the Mac...if someone responds it goes back to the device that originated it as opposed to going to both.

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    Me too. They only come through in messages beta if i initiated it in messages beta

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    Hi embeinc,


    I think part of what you are describing is not a bug but a function. The reason that the person receiving your message has to add your email in addition to your name is a function. iOS and OS Lion work with contacts.


    A contact is of course recognized by the phone number and email address in this case. So when you send a message to a person from your phone (thus your phone number is used to identify you on your friend's phone) it will link it to a certain contact name (in this case your name) in his address book and categorize it under that name. If you then send a message from your Mac (thus your email address is used to identify you) your friend's iPhone will attempt to recognize you by the email address. But if this is not linked to the same contact name in his address book iMessage will make a different conversation of this.


    So the problem here (which many people have) is that not all of your contact information is entered under your contact name in your friend's address book. I have entered most information of my contacts on my address book and do not have that problem.


    My only problem until now is that when sending messages from my iPhone or iPad I hear a sound from both devices when I receive a message. But I think this is a difficult thing to change.

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    And I agree with your, my second problem, that syncing of full conversations is not always happening between devices for some reason. I hope this would be solved as this dozens not seem to be a feature but a bug. Because some conversations did fully sync with my iPhone and iPad, as others did not. (i am expecting that messages for OS lion will work in a similar way)

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    I just installed Messages and immediately had syncing issues.  What I had to do was follow the information in the following Apple support URL:



    The on my iOS device I went into Messages and set the Caller ID to be my AppleID.


    Settings -> Messages -> Received At -> Caller ID -> AppleID


    If your AppleID isn't set in your messages for receiving then you can just add it at the Received At screen and iOS will validate it.  In my case all my iMessages were sent from my phone number so I had to delete each message to each of my friends so iOS would start sending them from my Caller ID (which was previously set to my phone number).


    Once done my phone seems to sync in any situation:


    Send from iPhone

    Send from Mac


    While sending from either both screens stay up to date.


    I hope this helps.

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    Thank you very much, it works for me and i guess fpr othere's also!!


    Message n Apple Rocks!



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    iPhones can receive iMessages at Apple IDs and numbers. The other devices can only receive iMessages at Apple IDs. You've got to set the same Apple ID at all your devices at the Receive At part & the Caller ID part. When you want to send iMessages to people, be sure to send to their Apple ID and not their numbers else it will only end up at their iPhones.

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    Thanks for the response W.R.R Farid.  In my test I did make sure the email address and phone number of the person I was sending messages to were under the same contact object and I made sure the other person had my phone number and email address as one object on their iPhone.


    For vfr800fi:


    I double checked the "Apple ID" are setup up to receive messages on my MAC and iPhone are the same ID (which they are when I downloaded Messages Beta), but they are not syncing up properly...


    If you start a message from the iPhone to another iPhone, the conversation will not appear on my Mac...If I start a new conversation from my Mac, it will create a new conversation on the recipiant's iPhone and that conversation from my Mac will sync to my iPhone (sync up with the original conversation started from the iPhone, but will only pick up the converstaion that was started on my Mac...previous converstaion will not sync to Messages Beta on the Mac).


    Basically if you start a conversation from the iPhone to another iPhone and you choose the phone number to send the messages to, it will only appear on your iPhone and you will not see it in Messages Beta. 


    If you start a conversation from the iPhone to another iPhone and you choose the "Apple ID" as the contact info to send to then the conversation will appear on your iPhone and all your Apple devices, but the conversation will not sync with your previous conversation if you sent to the phone number.


    What I wanted to put out there for Apple is to see if they can link both the phone number and Apple ID in some way that the system can recognize it so when a user sends to either an Apple ID or phone number their system identify the recipient and route the message to all devices regardless if a phone number or Apple ID was used.  Similar to how when you send a message to another iPhone it recognizes that the other iPhone has iOS 5 and will send it as an iMessage, but if there is some sort of network issue it can re-route the message to the same user in the form of a text message.

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    I think what we need to see happen is for Apple to have the software link the phone number and email address used together so that a message is delivered to all devices.


    The only stumbling block might be privacy so if you don't have the email address of the person in your contacts then they might not be allowed to route it to their email address (assuming you are sending to phone number).


    But I do agree that there should be a work around calculated to link phone number and email addresses within contacts to ensure delivery to all devices.

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    Your iphone is a speical idevice because it uses a phone number just go to SETTINGS > MESSAGES > RECIEVE AT > CALLER ID > (make sure phone number is NOT selected)


    just makes sure you phone number is not set as your caller id.   this way when you send a text message to a phone number or email address it will show up on both devices, and when someone sends you a text message to your phone number or your email address it will show up on both devices.

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    Thanks superstilk...I didn't even notice that setting was there.  The change work, but it's only a workaround.  If I send the message from my phone with the caller ID set to my email then it will sync to all my Apple devices, if someone sends a message to me from their iPhone and they select my cell phone number (not my email address) then the message and whole conversation will only be on my phone and not on my other Apple devices.


    In order for the converstaion to sync on all devices, the initiator will have to select my email address or I will have to send with my email address as the caller id (so all converstaion needs to use email address as the contact to sync.  If they use phone number it won't work).  Problem with that is I'll have to make sure I give everyone my email address to use.  Only issue is I have two emails (1 personal and 1 business)...I don't want people I do business with to have my personal email account.  I know we can add multiple "Receive At" address, but we don't have the option of changing caller ID on the go for each message.


    Oh, as a side note, if a user doesn't have the email address I use for iMessage, but they have my cell phone and my other email address in their contact, if they send it to my email address the message doesn't get delivered.  So the message never re-routes to the phone number as a text message...Using the phone number as a primary contact and routing to email to sync up with messages on all device would work great...this way if data is not available at least the message would get through to the phone as a text message.

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    I don't really get it. this is why:


    I have an wifi-only ipad with the caller-id set to my email-adress (obviously). I also have an iphone with the caller-id set to my phone number. the messages I send from my ipad/iphone get synced between my idevices. so apple is able to connect my email to my phone number.


    how come this does not work between my imac and the idevices. why do I have to change (according to the support page) my caller-id on the phone to my email adress in order to enable the sync between all device using imessage?

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