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    What I don't get is I can send a message to a phone number from my iPad and all devices receive it( it's synced) but if I send a message from iPhone to phone number it's only shows up on iPhone?  Why will a non iPhone send to a phone number but not receive from a phone number? 


    The problem is apple isn't linking our iPhone phone number with our caller id or apple id?

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    The caller id is the address you send to the recipient.  If u send a message to a phone number than the recipients iPhone will only "catch it", but now they have your email address and if they reply then all your idevices will catch it.  All your devices will be in sync.  Theirs won't be because you sent to their phone number and only their iPhone will catch it.


    Apple needs to tie phone numbers to apple id's so all devices will catch iMessages sent to phone numbers and not just the iPhone.

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    emobeinc_jnguyen said:


    If I start a message from my iPhone to another user's iPhone (send to their phone number) the chat session only appears on my iPhone and not in Messages Beta on my Mac.


    I had the opposite happen.  I sent a message from my iPhone to my sister's apple ID email and it ONLY appears on my phone.  I then sent a message from my iPhone to my sister's phone number and it appears on my phone, on my iPad and also on my computer in Messages.


    I have followed all of the threads about setting the received at and caller id to my apple id.  But I have no clue why my message to her apple email won't show up anywhere but the phone and messages to her phone number show up everywhere.  VERY confusing!

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    I have this issue too:


    • My Caller ID is set to my Apple ID (and has been for some time).
    • Messages Beta is only syncing messages from the point I installed it, except it isn't:
      • If I initiate an iMessage from the desktop these threads are synced fine.
      • If someone sends an iMessage to an existing thread on my iPhone (which was presumably set to my phone number) it does not sync to the desktop client at all or even show up, even though both of us have iOS devices and iMessage capability and have been doing so for some time.
      • There is no previous history being synced, I only have 2 threads being synced but have about 8 contacts with previous iMessage threads on my iPhone. Some of these threads are mixed between regular texts and iMessages, I understand why text messages cannot be synced but iMessage should be.


    Unless I am misunderstanding this is due to a conflict between my phone number and my Apple ID email address as iMessage recipients, but is there any way to fix this? Suppose the sender has not set their Caller ID to their Apple ID, does this make it impossible to sync to Messages Beta period? Suppose the sender always chooses to send to my phone number not my email address, does Caller ID override this if iMessage capability is detected?


    I think this whole conflict might point to a flaw in how they've implemented their iMessage protocol, possibly because they needed to support text message as well and bundle them into the same iOS app. But what I don't understand is why Apple isn't including the phone number as part of a users Apple ID profile so that any iMessages are synced regardless of where it is being recived. I do appreciate that regular text messages are possibly not feasible for syncing to the desktop App, but iMessages should not need conflict resolution between recipient ID on the users part, this is just unnecesarily confusing and really makes the Messages Beta app a non starter for me (I have to be aware that x conversation is only on my phone, whilst y conversation is on both).


    I hope that they can sort this conflict issue out when they ship the final App.


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    This was the key.  Once i changed my message destination from my phone number to my apple id everything began to work.  My iMac, Macbook and iPhone all mirrored each other perfectly.  A Huge Thanks.

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    On your iPhone, go to Settings>Messages>Receive at> and put your Apple ID in.  What will happen is that it is only added not substituted for your phone number.  You can be reached either way.

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    I've already tested this change.  This change will only work if you're the initiator of the message or if someone responds or create a message withiin a conversation that is using your Apple ID or email address.  If someone creates a new message from their iPhone to your phone number, the messages will not sync up.

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    Hmm.  I haven't had that opportunity yet.  Thanks for the heads up.  I suppose "beta" means "beta".  Maybe it is there to be found yet.  Tnanks.

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    I've seen this myself. If my wife, on her iphone, selects my phone number from my contact info for a message only my phone will see it. My iPad and mac with the Messages beta will not. If she replies to a message I've sent from any of the devices all of them pick it up.


    I need to know however if it makes any difference in Messages settings on your phone whether you have your Apple ID/email address or your phone number selected for your caller ID? I do have the Receive At set to my Apple ID but I left my caller ID set to my phone number and everything seems to be working except for what I stated above.

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    I wonder if i add my gmail to those setting will it fix my jabber connect issues?

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    I've noticed since the othe day, when i started an imessage from my iphone to a contact with their phone number, it all shows up on my macbook in Messages.  I didnt use to do that before.  If i started an imessage to another phone number it wouldnt show up on my mac, only if through their apple ID.  Did apple fix something?  Its nice being able to start a conversation to another idevice, whether to an apple ID or a phone number and have it show up on the mac too!

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    I tried switching the Caller ID to my Apple ID, but syncing wasn't working.


    To get messages to sync with my iPhone, I had to delete any existing message threads on my phone first (presumably because they were initiated with my phone number). Then when I initiated a new message, it worked fine. Voila! Unfortunately, it meant I lost my message history.

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    Hi All,


    Just to be clear.


    Any Chat involving the Apple ID you are using will sync between Messages Beta and any iOS 5 device you have that ID listed on as well (for Messages)


    Your Phone Number and Apple ID are not Linked.


    In this sense Phone number to Phone Number chats are "private" and are not synced.


    Put another way the Apple ID chats go through the Messages server which for Messages beta acts bit like the iCloud Photo Stream and syncs all items that have been sent.

    The Phone Numbers are Not Apple IDs and are not synced if the other end is also a Phone Number.


    Consider an aeroplane.

    The Pliot can Push to talk to the Passengers

    Another push means he can talk to the ground.

    All the Cockpit chat is also recorded.


    However the passengers can only remember what they heard and the ground are only party to the conversations they have with the pilot and not what he said to the passengers and crew in the Cockpit.


    Messages beta is the ground and is only recording those conversations.









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    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"


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    Hi Ralph-


    You say, "Any Chat involving the Apple ID you are using will sync between Messages Beta and any iOS 5 device you have that ID listed on as well (for Messages)."


    That is not the case for me.  I am using Messages Beta on my iMac as well as messages on my iPad and iPod Touch.  I have been messaging a friend who is using Messages on her iPad only.  Messages are not syncing on all 3 devices of mine.  e.g. This morning I had a new message from her on my iPod Touch and my iPad, but not on my iMac. 


    Does my computer have to be turned on and messages running when the message is actually sent?  Or in theory should I be able to turn my iMac on in the morning, open Messages, and receive the message?

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    In theory when you turn on the computer and launch Messages AND start a conversation with the person then those previous items will sync.


    Some people complain that this is very slow with messages appearing only as fast as a speeded up chat leading to issues in trying to continue any conversation.


    The other issues is that the "history" appearing in Messages exceeds that on any iOS 5 device (particularly if the chat has been removed from the iOS device)


    Your Touch would definitely be using an Apple ID, which it turn suggests your iPad is.

    Messages should be using the same ID.


    If it is not syncing then I would check the Messages menu > Preferences > Accounts  and the listed ID for any typos.



    8:36 PM      Friday; March 30, 2012

    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"


      iMac 2.5Ghz 5i 2011 (Lion 10.7.3)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),

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