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I only have 1.4 GB left on my 30GB iPhone.


I have about 1500 songs, about 600 photos (includes camera roll and photostream) and 4 albums, 56 camera phone videos, 72 Music Videos and 76 Apps.


All my songs are AAC which saves space. As for everything else, i have been removing videos and pictures I don't need on the phone but I am still at 1.4 GB available.


Based on what I posted here, what can I do besides darn near removing everything to free up more space on my iPhone? I see I have 5GB allowed for me to use icloud but how do I use that? Can I put pics, videos, and music on the cloud?


When I went to www.icloud.com, I didn't see anywhere that suggested I could put my music, pictures, and videos on the cloud.




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    Check Settings>General>Usage, wait for Storage to update.  This should give you an idea of how your space is being used and where to go to conserve space.  Consider Dropbox or similar cloud storage as an alternative.

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    Yea i knew about that but thanks now how do I access the cloud so I can put some stuff on there?

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    iCloud is primarily for syncing data across devices (mail, calendars, contacts, bookmarks, etc.), backing up your phone's data, allowing you to download purchased music, apps & books, providing temporary (30 day) storage for photos until you can download them on other devices, and storing documents and data created in iWord apps.  You access iCloud by going to https://www.icloud.com/.  An option to store your non-purchased music is to subscribe to iTunes Match.  Beyond that, you can't really upload data.  If you're looking for a more general cloud-based storage solution to upload your data take a look at Dropbox.