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I only have 1.4 GB left on my 30GB iPhone.


I have about 1500 songs, about 600 photos (includes camera roll and photostream) and 4 albums, 56 camera phone videos, 72 Music Videos and 76 Apps.


All my songs are AAC which saves space. As for everything else, i have been removing videos and pictures I don't need on the phone but I am still at 1.4 GB available.


Based on what I posted here, what can I do besides darn near removing everything to free up more space on my iPhone? I see I have 5GB allowed for me to use icloud but how do I use that? Can I put pics, videos, and music on the cloud?


When I went to www.icloud.com, I didn't see anywhere that suggested I could put my music, pictures, and videos on the cloud.




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